Our most popular range of diaries at Milligram is always Moleskine – so we know many of you will be interested in what’s on offer in the 2016 Moleskine Diaries range at Milligram.

There’s over 50 variations on offer. You can pick based on size, diary layout, colour and even special editions. You may have a layout that you know works for you – or you might be open to trying anything.

Below we’ve included a look inside the Moleskine dairies, including showing the actual diary page layouts, to help you choose. All Moleskine diaries contain the same opening pages – from a place to record your personal information to monthly summaries to some travel information. So we’ve included those below too.

Most popular 2016 Moleskine diaries formats

Moleskine Weekly Diary and Notebook Format

This is the ideal for those with only a few appointments but who like their diary to double as a notebook or place for action/’To do’ lists.


Moleskine Daily Diary Format

A great format if you have a lots on, with appointment times from 8am-8pm. You could also ignore the appointment times and use this as a daily journal, as you have an entire page to record a day’s thoughts or actions.IMG_6194

Other 2016 Moleskine Diary formats

Panoramic Weekly Diary/Planner

Good for those on the go, with lots of appointments and places to be!


 Weekly Diary/Planner Agenda (Professional)

A useful diary for those with a daily schedule and less need for making notes.


Action Diary/Planner Agenda (Professional)

The ideal diary for the busy professional, large and with plenty of room for appointments.


Taskmaster Diary/Planner Agenda (Professional)

With two double spreads per week, this large diary is ideal for a busy professional. The first spread allows for appointments with the second spread focused on action lists.



Extra-Small Daily Diary

A petite diary, this extra small format delivers a day to a page but without the restriction of lines.


Project Diary/Planner

This is a slimline diary that has the entire year concertina folded into the cover – on the front side you see days and rows for times or projects. On the rear, the standard Moleskine pages are printed, as are monthly summary pages with space for recording key events or projects.



Other internal pages before main diary

All the Moleskine diaries open with the same series of pages, pictured below.









How do Moleskine Limited Edition Diaries vary?

The diaries don’t actually vary greatly from the standard range. Only the cover, inside cover and outer wrap bear the mark of your favourite character or story.

Star Wars – Inside the Moleskine 2016 Star Wars Weekly Notebook Diary / Planner

Peanuts – Inside the Moleskine 2016 Peanuts Weekly Notebook Diary / Planner



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