Whilst there are hundreds of diaries out there, you want to ensure you choose the right one for you. One that will work as you need it to, so that you have the best year possible. So we’ve put together a guide on how to find the right 2018 diary for your needs by asking six key questions.

1. Where are you using your 2018 diary?

Is this a diary you need to keep with you? Or is it something that will live on a desk at home or work?

If it needs to travel with you – size is important! So is durability. A pocket size would be great, or a slim, monthly diary – like this Papier Tigre 2018 Agenda Diary or Hobonchi Techno Weeks 2018 diary.

Papier Tigre Small 2018 diary

Hobonichi techno weeks 2018 diary


If the diary is going to be living on your desk, you can think bigger – in size and pages. So a large diary, or one plenty of pages, can work for you: like the B5 Milligram Agenda 2018 Diary or the Kate Spade folder style 2018 planner.

milligrma b5 2018 dairy

kate spade 2018 diary

2. How much information will be you be putting in your 2018 diary?

Are you the sort of person that schedules everything? Or do you just like your diary to act as a helpful guide?

A daily diary, like the Hobonichi 2018 Techno Planner offers plenty of room for detailed daily notes or the Delfonics 2018 Today Quitterie Diary Notebook.

Hobonichi 2018 daily diaryDelfonics daily quitterie 2018 diary


3. What is your personal visual style?

Do you like pared back style, corporate style- or something more flamboyant. If you like it bright and colourful, a brand like Ban.do or Delfonics can offer you something ideal. If you want simple and stylish, try Appointed or Moleskine.

bando do 2018 diary i am very busyappointed-binder-planner-2018-diary

4. Is it important that your 2018 diary has Australian information?

If you like to have local holidays and events, then it’s best to select an Australian 2018 diary – like one from MiGoals, Milligram or Milestone Press Master Plan.



5. Would you like your 2018 diary to offer more than just organisation?

Some diaries go beyond simply organising you. The MiGoals range offers motivation and assistance in reaching your goals. The Milligram family diary gives you space and freedom to plan anything from your children’s lives to elements of your life like meals. The Pilot Press diary helps you write your next masterpiece.

pilot press diary for writers 2018

milligram-family-2018-diary milligram-2018-diary-family

migoals-empowerment-2018-diary-cover migoals-empowerment-2018-diary

6. What is your preferred pen to write with?

If you’re someone who favours ballpoint or rollerball, you can really use any diary. But if you’re someone who loves fountain pens, or even something decorative like brush pens, you’ll need to pick a diary with paper to suit. The Midori Traveller’s Notebook, Hobonichi or Delfonics range will all stand you in good stead!


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