It’s the start of a new year so we’ve asked our Milligram community what are their top organisational new years resolutions.

We found so much inspiration within them that we’d like to share some of these with you to hopefully inspire you too! There are so many of you who have the same idea, so we do hope the reinforcement of reading them by various individuals will reinforce the idea for you too. We’d love to hear from you if you have your own resolutions that you’re keen to tackle this year too, please add them in the comments section below.

1) To keep a uni work planner longer than one month…

2) To stop being too ‘busy’ and focus on one task at a time!

3) To prioritise my ‘to do list’ and have the top 3 tasks to get done. And get them done! Anything else that gets checked of the list is a bonus! This way you get stuff done and have no stress!

4) To plan my new garden bed at the right time of year for planting.

5) To make sure that I actually write down and check all the dates and assignments that I have.

6) Stay dedicated to a system. Check out our blog post on different planning method systems you could try.

7) To write more! Jotting down a few things that happened each day so I can look back and see what happened.

8) I’ve started the year with a bullet journal. it’s proving to be a fast and flexible way to stay organised.

Bullet journal notebook suggestions:

Moleskine Classic Notebook - Extra Large - Squared

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Extra Large – Squared

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal Notebook - Hard Cover - Dot Grid

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal Notebook – Dot Grid

Delfonics - Rollbahn Notebook - Grid

Delfonics – Rollbahn Notebook – Grid

9) As soon as I think of something I need to do, I write it down! At the end of the day, I cross off things I’ve done and migrate any leftover to the following day in order of priority. This is helping me smash though work, although I don’t have a planner yet – I’m using a blank notebook.

10) Started to use bullet journal this year that I got from @milligram to jot down little things happen everyday to see how far have I go!!

11) To get a new journal/diary and use it often. Also I hope to write more!

12) Not to end up with millions of loose sheets of paper that I need to scull through at the end of each year!!! It somehow always happens :/

This might help!


13) My resolution is to organise the kiddos toys bins and donate the unused toys.

14) My New Years resolution is to finish all possible tasks by the end of each week. I’ve spent every Sunday clearing my desk completely and wiping it done and only replacing that which I love. This keeps my space fresh and happy. Take a look over at @sarah_colors_official

15) Organisational New Years resolution is to plan the following week each Sunday, because “a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”

16) I’m going to shift my focus to fulfilling my creative dreams, rather than focusing so much on housework. Sounds simple, but I’ve been working hard to consolidate and narrow down household tasks and also planning time for creating. Long-term creative projects are so easy to put off!

17) Organisational New Years Resolution is to make more time for me between family, friends, two jobs, full time uni and interning. I’d like to work out what time I have to read.

18) New years resolution is to write down practical and doable tasks/goals and not just overwhelm myself.

19) Use Todoist more! I used it for uni last year and it was a lifesaver. Time to roll it out to every other task.

20) To give myself enough time to rest! To schedule it in deliberately, and not just hurtle from one thing to the other without factoring in travel, down, and me, time.

21) To do my tax monthly so it doesn’t drag on for 12 months after! Eek.

22) To create regular routines/habits and stick to them! And to just stop procrastinating already!

23) To finally feed my wanderlust and plan all the places I want to visit on paper!

Be sure to pack a travel journal!

Rifle travel journal

24) To read more books, to develop my mind and to explore my skills and potentials.

25) I want to organise my house so there is lots of space for my kiddo to play in.

26) Organise my brain by writing down the things that have to be done, making sure I’m not trying to do 100 things per day. Having realistic plans when housework has to be done and not letting it pile up.

27) The biggest lie ever told to oneself is “I don’t need to write it down I’ll remember”. WRONG! Write everything down!

28) Personally I’m going to write down more of the things my kids say daily. I’m also going to plan my meals weekly before the week starts to be better prepared and organised at dinner time.

We’re huge fans of the Appointed binder planner, which can be customised with inserts such as meal planning, budget planning, etc.

Appointed binder

29) Write everything down and schedule time for uni and family/friends and self care, in my bullet journal.

30) Manage to do lists more effectively and stop using a tree’s worth of post-its per work day instead eep!

31) This year I want to learn to prioritise and use my time better, will be writing a list and figuring out what things I can delegate or delete.

32) Always check the night before so that you can plan your day in the morning.

33) My resolution is to write everything down so I can keep track of everything I need to do and accomplish those goals.

34) Prioritise time to look after myself so that my day to day life is richer and more enjoyable.

35) Get rid of excess AM habits (too much FB, don’t turn on TV).

36) Schedule ‘me’ time so that I can spend time creating art!