Two of the most recognised and revered style icons of the last century are Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Both represented femininity in such different ways.

Audrey was all simplicity and classic elegance.

Marilyn was sex appeal and all woman.

As an ode to these fabulous ladies, we’ve created to collections on Milligram with a nod to each of their personal styles.

Take our quiz to determine if you’re more an Audrey or a Marilyn

Just add the numbers next to each answer option you select to get your final score.

Which perfume? (1) Givenchy L’ Interdit or (2) Chanel Number 5?

Which figure? (1) Gamine or (2) curvaceous?

Which colour? (1) Black or (2) Pink?

Which film? (1) Breakfast at Tiffany’s or (2) Some Like it Hot

Which city? (1) Paris or (2) New York

Which hair? (1) Brunette or (2) Blonde

Which pet? (1) Deer or (2) Dog

Which sunglasses? (1) Oversized or (2) Cat’s eye

Which award? (1) Oscar or (2) Golden Globe

Which dress? (1) Little black dress or (2) Sultry gown

Which male lead? (1) Gregory Peck or (2) Frank Sinatra

How many children? (1)Two or (2) None

Which shape? (1) Clean lines or (2) Ample curves


15 or below – Hello Audrey – Ms style┬ápersonified.
16 or above – Hello Marilyn – You sex kitten you!

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