We love all types of pens at Milligram — from ballpoint to rollerball to fountain pens. We’re spoilt for choice for outstanding brands like LAMY or Kaweco. Sometimes, though, you simple need a quality basic affordable pens, like those from Uniball and Artline. They’re especially handy for those of use prone to lose pens…or work with those who have a habit of, ahem, appropriating our pens!

So today we thought we’d showcase how our range of Uniball and Artline look and feel on the page, with a few of our own views on each basic affordable pen.

Uniball Uni Pin Fineliner Pen v Artline Drawing System

These pens are great for drawing, graphic design, illustrations and documents.

These iconic fine liners are great for those who need precision from their pen. They’re smooth to write and come in various point sizes.

Uniball Uni Pin Fineliners, Milligram

The Uni Pin has a super tough tip, and its cap secures firmly on the end providing extra length and stability.  It uses waterproof, fade-proof, pigment Uni Super Ink, so you can write with confidence. However, if you have heavily slanted writing, you might find this slightly scratchy and difficult to use.

The Artline Drawing System is also water resistant, uses pigment ink and is super comfortable. As a tip, you shouldn’t press too hard on the tip because it will become ‘blunt’. Also, if you like to lengthen the look of your pen by capping it whilst writing, do note the cap won’t stay secure, which can be an issue if you do like that extra stability or balance.

Artline Drawing System, Milligram

Uniball Jetstream Rollerball Pen & Power Tank Eco Ballpoint Pen

These are everyday pens with a refined look. The rubber grips provide extra stability and comfort — perfect for those with larger hands.

Uniball Jetstream and Power Tank, Milligram

The Jetstream rollerball pen has a stainless steel 1mm tip and quick drying Super ink, which has a great flow-on effect. Less movement, more achievement. The range comes in a variety of colours with correlating inks.  

Uniball Jetstream, Milligram

The Uni Power Tank is the heavy duty ballpoint pen. It writes clearly in any position — we’re not kidding, it can write upside down, in extreme cold and even on wet paper! It can write on almost any surface and has a retractable (and refill-able) stainless steel 1mm tip.

What’s extra impressive about this pen? It’s made with 55% post-consumer materials, making it the most environmentally friendly pen around!  The grip is made with recycled sawdust and resin and has a nostalgic scent of pencil shavings, which needs to be smelled to be believed and the body of the pen is made from recycled PC.

Uniball Eye Fine Line Pen v Artline 200 Fine Liner Pen

As soon as the Uniblall Eye Fine Line pens hit the paper they do not want to stop. The inks are so fluid and the colours are so vivid and eye-catching! They’ll spice up your writing and brighten up your page.

These pens are fun and provide quality, simplicity and functionality for their price. The coloured Artline 200 are also great, with precision and colour in one little package.

Artline 200, Milligram

Uniball, Eye Fine Line, Milligram

Artline 200, Milligram

Uniball Eye Fine Line Pen, MilligramThe inks are both waterproof, won’t smudge and delivers high quality writing. The ink window in the Uniball Eye Fine barrel is extra handy as we know when the ink is nearly all used up. And for great value, we love how the Artline 200 can write for 2000m!

Artline 210 Fineliner Pen

Artline, Milligram

The Artline 210 has a slightly larger tip (0.6mm) than its counterpart fineliners, making it ideal for all general writing and drawing where bold lines are required. It doesn’t feel or write like a pen, leaning more toward a marker. The ink is water based, instant drying and blur proof.

Artline 210, Milligram

Uniball Signo ‘Noble Metal’ Gel Rollerball Pen

All that glitters is not just gold! These metallic gel rollerball pens are great fun and the gorgeous colours can be used on coloured or white paper. Their ideal for cards, journalling or crafts like scrapbooking.

Uniball Signo, MilligramThey are super comfortable to write with and the glitter within the ink will brighten up any art, craft or scrapbooking project. Use them in birthday cards to really stand out with those special messages.

Uniball Signo, Milligram

Uniball Promark View Highlighter v Artline Clix Highlighter

These highlighters look uniquely different and gosh they both pack a punch — there colours are bold, bright and vivid, you won’t be forgetting any important information anytime soon.

Uniball Promark Highlighters, Milligram

The Uniball Promark View highlighter has a nice shape with an elegant cap. When you remove the cap, you see a unique transparent ink feed. This is so you can see what you are highlighting and so that you do not over- or under-highlight  genius! It can remain open for around 2 hours at a time before drying out.

Artline Clix Highlighter, Milligram

The Artline Clix highlighter has a clever retractable mechanism that can be taken anywhere knowing you’re safe from ink stains. The ink is water-based and made from 50% recycled material.

These highlighters are ideals for highlighting words, phrases, blocks of text, locations on maps, clauses in documents and whatever else needs to be remembered!

We can’t go past these basic pens, which have been designed so well and are so affordable! They’re perfect for everyday, special projects and making our work stand out.

Confused about the difference between ballpoint and rollerball pens? Check out our previous post.

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