In today’s world, we understand how important it is to purchase eco-friendly products in which to reduce our environmental footprint and make a positive impact. At Milligram, we source the best design stationery from around the globe and several of our brands focus on minimising their environmental impact.

One brand we’re quite fond of is France-based, Clairefontaine, who did not wait for the ecology “trend” to incorporate being environmentally conscious to their business and produce eco friendly paper.

This post will explore the brand’s history as well as provide an overview of each collection.

A brief history…

Established in 1863, Clairefontaine set up in in the Vosges region in a paper mill that itself was built in 1512. Clairefontaine have a tunnel vision for paper quality and do produce the best writing paper in the world.

Vosges region, France

Credit: Exaclair USA

Clairefontaine have absolute control over the whole process of manufacturing. They source their pulp exclusively from sustainable forests that are certified according to recognised international standards: PEFC and FSC. The paper mill has its own water treatment plant, and is self-sufficient for 80% of its electrical power.

History and heritage

Their notebooks are produced to strict environmental standards, without compromising on their classic style and design. They are recyclable, biodegradable, PH-neutral and acid-free, give them a round of applause!

An abridged timeline of the company’s environmental actions:

1974 : Clairefontaine adapted the pH neutral to its paper production.

1985: Use of natural gas to supply its paper machines with vapour. The combustion allows to eliminate sulphur residues.

1997: The factory is one of first to possess an instalment of vapour and electricity cogeneration.

2002 : Clairefontaine makes every effort to gradually limit the emission of volatile organic compounds and dangerous substances in ink, glues and other solutions which were used for the print. In 2008, the targets have been reached at 90%.

2005 : Paper pulps result exclusively from forests fully qualified for their environmental management (PEFC, FSC). This one favours the growth of trees and allows the carbon absorption.

Clairefontaine collections…

Clairefontaine produces a number of collections, to suit all kinds of writers – from children to professionals, for use in journaling, sketching, art and note-taking. We house each of these collections at Milligram.


Essentials is a top-end range of notebooks that takes us back to basics and is all about ‘Life. Unplugged’.


Clairefontaine Life Unplugged,

The Life Unplugged Clothbound Book is a lightweight but sturdy notebook that will keep all your thoughts, sketches and scribbles safe. It has a stylish leather effect cover and clothbound on the left-hand side. The plain pages allow you to leave behind your mark without those line constraints  go on, have some fun. The paper is 90gsm and the vellum surface’s satin finish prevents bleeding of ink.

It also comes with a square edge style.

Clairefontaine square-edged,

Classic, professional and stylish these notebooks come in a range of gorgeous colours, including blue, red, green, tobacco and black.


Clairefontaine Roadbook,

The Essentials Roadbook is the perfect travel companion. It’s a clever pocket size with a leather-grain effect cover. It has an elastic strap closure and 128 ruled pages that will keep your stories and thoughts from the road between the lines. Choose a colour to match your style from black, blue, tobacco, red and green.

Duo Book

Clairefontaine Duo Book,

What’s better than one notebook – why, two of course! If you know Latin then you might have already got excited that ‘duo’ means two and knew what you were in for…but who needs to know Latin? That’s what we’re here for, after all!

The Duo Book is staple-bound with 96 lined pages and, although thin, the paper and cover are substantial with bleed-free paper, perfect for that fountain pen. They’re available in red, green, black and tobacco.


Clairefontaine Metric is a whisper to the past; it includes celebratory limited edition reissues of the first 1950s notebook covers.

Clairefontaine Metric 1951, Milligram

The clothbound notebook is durable and chunky with a glue-bound spine protected by an endearing strip of cloth.

The timeless vintage design, finished with a grained effect pattern on tough card, is a lovely old-school inclusion for any desk or workspace! They’re available in black, red, dark blue, light blue, purple, pink and green.

Metric Bob Foundation

The legendary Japanese design house, Bob Foundation has created their own dynamic range of ultra chic designs for Clairefontaine Metric.

Clairefontaine Metric 1951, Milligram

The Bob Foundation Pocket is a faithful re-interpretation of the original Clairefontaine 1951 Metric exercise book, while still featuring Clairefontaine’s environmentally conscious paper.

The Metric collection is an everyday stationery range for people who like the best quality. It features Clairefontaine’s world famous bright white, brushed vellum 90gsm paper. It is perfect paper for fountain pens, liquid inks and other robust materials, making it ideal for high volume use and work.

They’re available in turquoise, green, red, black, pink and blue.


Zap Books are colourful and eye-catching! They come in A4 and A6 – Half Zap.

Clairefontaine Zap Book, Milligram

The A4 Zap Book is generously proportioned with 320 pages, and is best left on the desk for when you need to put pen to paper regularly. For those who wish to carry around their notebook, the Half Zap is your go-to, with 160 pages, yep – half the pages. Perfect for that flash of inspiration.

Clairefontaine Zap Book, Milligram

These 80gsm recycled plain page books are perfect for sketches, notes and jotting. They are bold, dependable and will add creativity to any workplace or school desk.


The GraF it series feature unruled sketchbooks that can also be used as a notebook. They are an ideal budget choice for the environmentally conscious student, drawer, writer or traveller.

Clairefontaine Graf It, Milligram

The 90gsm paper has a matte texture with a satin finish to prevent ink bleeding and sturdy cardboard covers to hold it all in. The pages are micro-perforated for easy removal – perfect for art journaling, quick sketches or detailed artwork.

Clairefontaine Graf It, Milligram

The GraF it Sketchbooks are available in a wide assortment of sizes and bold and subdued colours!


The Forever Calligraphe Recycled Notebook is made up of 100% certified recycled fibre.

Clairefontaine Forever Calligraphe, Milligram

Available in A4 and A5, these 70gsm stapled lined notebooks are affordable yet excellent quality, ideal for everyday use at work, school or university. They’re available in blue, red and green.

Clairefontaine Forever Calligraphe Milligram


The Koverbook Cahier is the first protecting cover notebook with bookmark flaps!

Clairefontaine Koverbook, Milligram

The hardwearing cover protects the integrated pocket to store documents. The 90gsm sheets have a satin finish that prevents bleeding of the ink and are ruled in French-ruling, or seyes ruling, which are side-stapled bound. They’re available in yellow, blue, green and red.

Clairefontaine Koverbook, Milligram



The Crok Sketchbook range is a bright and colourful sketching companion.

Clairefontaine Crok, Milligram

They’re an essential and affordable inclusion to any creative’s workspace with 48 staple-bound pages, protected by a thin card cover – easy to transport.

Clairefontaine Crok, Milligram

They are available in various sizes and colours, and loved by writers, drawers and sketchers the world over.

As you can see, Clairefontaine’s paper will not let you down. By purchasing Clairefontaine products, consumers can also do their bit to protect an environment for which they are becoming increasingly concerned. Feel confident in your decision, find a collection that works best for your purposes and don’t let your writing be disrupted again by poorly made sheets shed of paper fibres!

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