Christmas is always a little more special with a few home-made touches. The Milligram creative team have put together a few Christmas paper crafts projects to help get you inspired this silly season. We hope you’ll love making this paper wreath as much as we did!


– Card Stock – A heavy stock to make the base of your wreath and then several colours of a lighter card stock to make your leaves. (We sourced ours at a local art supply store but you could also use items around your home – magazine covers or a thick wrapping paper could work.)

– Scissors – We used scissors by House Doctor. Find at Milligram.

– Pencil – We used a Palomino Blackwing. Find at Milligram.

– Plier-style Stapler – We used a Fabriano Boutique version, which has since sold out. You can use the Zentih plier stapler too! Find at Milligram.

– Two different size circles – We used a plate and a bowl to trace.

– Ribbon or yarn to hang your wreath.

Make your own paper wreath - supplies

Christmas Paper Crafts: How to make your own Christmas wreath

 Step 1. Make your wreath base

Ideally find two different diameter circles to trace. We used a plate and a bowl that gave us a wreath base that was about 6 cm across. Once you have your two circles, cut our your wreath ring.

You want to ensure you use a sturdy card stock as you’ll be stapling all your leaves to this – but not TOO thick or your staples won’t puncture the card. You won’t end up seeing this base, so you can use any sort of card.

Cut out your wreath - base 1

Cut out your wreath - base 2

Cut wreath circle

Step 2. Make your leaves

You’ll want to start with a leaf template. Ours was approx. 10cm long and approx. 6cm across at the widest point.

Use this template to trace the leaves on your various colours of card. Then cut out all your leaves. You do need a LOT for this project!

Cut out wreath leaves

Cut out wreath leaves

fold leaf

Step 3. Build your wreath

You need to attach your leaves one-by-one with the base of the leaf folded over a little to give it some shape and so that it sits upright on the base.

You need to add a lot of leaves to make this look it’s best – nestle each leaf in tightly next to the previous one. Keep in mind the flow of the wreath too – you want to ensure a nice, circular flow.

staple on leaf

Add more leaves

finished wreath - partial

Step 4. Display with pride

Once you’ve added all your leaves, add a little ribbon then look for the perfect place to display your lovely Christmas wreath.

We recommend tying the ribbon AROUND the base, tucked away from under the leaves – stapling might not be strong enough as the wreath does end up quite heavy.

Final wreath

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 (Thanks to This is Scout for their Pinsperation for this wreath project!)