Christmas decorations don’t need to be expensive. You can make your own — to match your personal colour scheme — with a little bit of MT Tape and A4 card! Here’s a little guide on how to make washi tape Christmas decorations. (You could also try your hand at making our gorgeous paper Christmas wreath.)


– A range of MT Masking tape in various colours and patterns

– Scissors

– A4 paper or card

– A pencil for drawing or tracing shapes

– A hole punch

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Christmas Paper Crafts: How to make washi tape Christmas decorations

Step 1. Make your outer shape

You can make your decorations any size you like, but we have made these to be approximately A6 (a quarter of a piece of A4 paper). So we folded our page in half (short ends meeting). Then we measured half way along the longer edge, drew a marking line and cut along this line. This gave us TWO folded over halves to work with.

On each folded piece, you can draw a shape (think: star, circle or tree) — or trace one if you happen to already have something like cookie cutters in fun shapes.

Then you need to CUT OUT the shape on just one half of your card — so that your top card has a hole that will allow the layer below to be visible.

Washi tape Christmas decorations

Washi tape Christmas decorations

Washi tape Christmas decorations

Step 2. Decorate with your washi tape

Now comes the colourful part. Use your washi tape to make a pattern (rows or just some anarchy) on the backing piece of card, which will be visible through the cut out shape on the top layer.

Be colourful and creative here, remembering that the beauty of MT Masking Tape is that you can pull it off and reposition quite easily.

Washi tape Christmas decorations

Washi tape Christmas decorations

Step 3. Trim, hole punch and add ribbon

Now you can add the finishing touches. We trimmed the four corners of our decorations, just cutting straight across the corners. You could also cut these to be rounder if you like.

We then punched a little hole in top of the decoration, so that we’d be able to feed through and tie a ribbon, allowing us a hanger for our decorations.

And that’s it — you’re done! We had a play with some other shapes and colours too — lots of washi tape Christmas decoration fun!

Washi tape Christmas decorations

Washi tape Christmas decorations - punch hole

Washi tape Christmas decorations - add ribbon

Step 4. Hang and enjoy… and try some other shapes!

Washi tape Christmas decorations - hanging

Washi tape Christmas decorations - different shapes

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