There are many creative types out there capable of designing their own stunning, personalised covers for their notebooks. And then there’s the rest of us! Mere mortals, who can appreciate great design but are not able to produce it ourselves. So I was excited to find that Moleskine has created something for people like me – so that I can customise my Moleskine notebook with OTHER people’s awesome artwork!

Where to get the Customise your Moleskine downloads

Moleskine have both artistic (sleeves, bookmarks) and functional (diary or passions pages) downloads available. They’re completely FREE to download. You just need to create an account with Moleskine in the MyMoleskine section of their website. Then you can log in and have access to the many downloads.

We’ve included a screenshot below of what you’ll see after you’ve created an account and logged in. You’ll see the templates link is on the left menu, under MSK ADDONS.


Adding a new sleeve to customise your Moleskine

We’ve included some photos and a little demonstration below, showing how simple it is to add one (or more!) of the sleeves to your Moleskine. We downloaded several sleeve options – there is artwork submitted from the Moleskine community and also sleeves celebrating an “author of the month”. There are several sizes: we’ve used the pocket sized Moleskine in the demonstration below.



How to affix sleeve when you customise your Moleskine

The instructions advise you to glue the little flaps, but if you think you’ll be chaning often, you can simply stick it on with MT Tape. We’ve included a photo below (Sorry, it’s not our neatest effort, but you get the idea and we’re sure you’ll do a much better job!)


 Alternative sleeves to customise your Moleskine

There are a LOT of sleeves to choose from, in many different sizes. We printed out several, cut them out and then tried on different ones to get to our favourite.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 1.35.32 pm

flat-lay-moleskine-cover moleskine-cover-food


We have a winner!

In the end, my favourite was this one, submitted by artist Eva Szentgyorgyi (you can read more from Eva here).
cover-moleskine-writer moleskine-table-top
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