Finding the right diary – just for you – can be exciting….but also overwhelming! Whether you know what you’re looking for or you’re still figuring out your ideal diary format, we highly recommend checking out the awesome 2019 range of Delfonics diaries.

Hailing from Japan, Delfonics diaries are coveted around the world for their attention to detail, stylish and colourful covers, fountain pen friendly paper and varied range. Our Milligram customers have loved these diaries for many years. So we break down the different Delfonics diary layouts for 2019 to help you find your best diary for the new year.

Diary layouts

Type A: Weekly Grid

Delfonics 2019 diary typ A weekly grid layoutThis features a calendar planner per month, followed by a week to double page spread layout in a grid format. There is equal space for the weekend and an extra grid for notes. There’s also grid pages for sketching or extra notes.

It’s a convenient format for to-do lists and daily appointments, while seeing your week in a snapshot.

Type B: Weekly Horizontal Notebook

2019 Delfonics Diary layout type B weekly horizontal notebookThis features a week-to-view page layout with an adjacent ruled page for general note-taking and to-do lists, along with double-page spread month planners and ample grid pages for your notes at the rear.

This format is perfect for those who need to jot down important tasks and deadlines on coinciding dates with room for additional details, a weekly ‘to do list’ or just notes on the ruled page.

Type C: Weekly Vertical

2019 Delfonics diary type C Weekly Vertical layoutThis features a calendar planner per month, followed by a week-to-page layout in an equal vertical format with the day spanning from 8am—12am for any daily appointments and an extra column for ‘things to do’.

There are dotted bullet points at the bottom of each day for additional notes, and plenty of grid pages for sketching and scribbling at the rear. If you have lots of appointments, this is the perfect style.

Monthly Diaries

2019 Delfonics diary Monthly layoutThis features a month to a double page view – just like a calendar – but there’s also useful extras like squared notes pages for extra reminders or to-do lists and a world map! These are slim diaries, ideal for keeping with you ‘on the go’.

Rollbahn: Monthly

2019 Delfonics Rollbahn diary layoutThis is really more a ‘notebook with a touch of organisation’ than a straight diary.

The diary begins with a planner, and then features a monthly diary, with a month to double-page spread layout. The extra large size ensures your pages are spacious enough for all of your notes and planning for the year ahead, while still small enough to fit easily in a bag. The perfect mix of notebook and diary.

Popular ranges


2019 Delfonics Rollbahn diaries2019 Delfonics Rollbahn diariesThis 15-month, spiral bound classic is a favourite around the world. Its monthly layout with copious pages of fountain pen friendly grid pages makes it a great planner and reliable notebook. Rollbahn diaries are available in A5, large and extra large.

Eine Geschichte Ein Leben Diary Notebook

2019 Delfonics Linen diariesA new year, a new life story, this coveted 15-month linen planner is loved for its weekly notebook layout, fountain pen friendly paper and protective sleeve over the linen cover. “Eine Geschichte Ein Leben” means A new life story in German, a beautiful sentiment to hold onto all-year round.

More ranges

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