Adding a few custom touches to a party makes your event more festival and the guests feel more special! We’ve developed an easy and inexpensive DIY to allow you to make several decorations for cocktails, using a few fun products at Milligram. You can use this DIY as inspiration for your own colour theme and events – we think this would be great for a hen’s party, birthday party or even champagne brunch!

DrInks_23 Supplies for decorations for cocktails DIY

Step 1. Label your cocktail glasses.

This is extremely straight-forward using a MoTex labeller. You simply press out the name of the person using the little machine. We also added a cute symbol this each end of the names.

Once you have your final name label, you then simple trim the tape, peel off the backing label and stick it to your glass.

motex party drink labels motex-name attache-label glasses-with-label-appliedStep 2. Make washi tape drink flags / drink stirrers

You can let your imagination go a little wild in making these, mixing and matching colours and flags.

Washi Topper: For the top of each stirrer, we cut a piece of MT Masking Tape about 10 cm long and then folded it onto itself (sticking it together). We then cut thin strips, most of the way through but not all the way through, keeping them joined across the bottom. Then we used a matching piece of tape to wrap around and attached to the top of the skewer (aka your drink stirrer).

Washi Flags: For the little flags below, we simple wrapped a piece of washi tape around onto itself and trimmed into the flag shape.
drink-flag-washi attached-top-drink-flag washi drink flags

Step 3. Add tropical vibe with pineapple embellishment

Ok, this bit was a lot of fun – maybe it’s the stamping that made us feel like kids!

This great little Yellow Owl Workshop set includes green ink and yellow ink. So we inked the body of the pineapple in yellow and the foilage in green, then stamped onto the Le Typographe card.

Then we cut around the shapes, made a slit in the bottom of about 2cm, and just slid onto the lip of the cocktail glass.

pineapple-elements add-ink-to-stamp-two-colours first-stamp cut-out-pineapple DIY party drink decorations add-pineapple-to-glass


There are lots of Yellow Owl Workshop stamps – these two could be fun alternatives if you’re not into a tropical vibe!

Yellow owl workshop stamps

Let’s get the party started!

You’re party is ready, with your decorations for cocktails complete! Now all you need to do is pour and enjoy!


Oh, if you like the vase in this photo, you can learn how to customise your own in this Milligram DIY on decorating an op shop vase with a chalk marker pen.