Sending letters, cards or even hand written invitations shows true thought and consideration. You can easily add a little extra personal touch to colourful, lined envelopes with a little bit of drawing. Here a quick DIY on how to easily (further) personalise correspondence with just a writing instrument and a spot of creativity.

customise lined envelopes

Step 1. Select a lined envelope, ideally with a contrasting colour for the biggest impact.

Original Crown Mill have a gorgeous selection, with corresponding cards in their boxed correspondence sets.

OCM envelopes

Step 2. Select a contrasting writing instrument.

You could try white or neon chalk pen, white (or metallic) gel pen or even a marker depending on the colour of the lining of the envelope.

Uniball chalk marker

Uniball Bullet Tip Chalk Marker

uniball silver

Uniball Signo Broad Pen – Silver


Koh-i-Noor Artist Pencil – White

 white charcoal pencils

Koh-i-Noor white charcoal pencils

Step 3. Add your design to personalise correspondence.

We’ve included three hand-drawn examples below to provide some inspiration. If it’s for an occasion, you could take inspiration from the event, such as a rattle for a baby shower or bells for a wedding invitation. (If you’re not much of an artist, simple patterns also look great, like in our recent DIY on using white chalk to customise a vase.)


correspondence set

Original Crown Mill Boxed Correspondence Set – White & Fuscia


original crown mill correspondence

Original Crown Mill Boxed Correspondence Set – White & Dark Green


original crown mill blue

Original Crown Mill Boxed Correspondence Set – White & Navy Blue