Marie Curie, Ernest Hemmingway, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin all have one thing in common: they carried a pen and notebook wherever they went. All of them were furious note takers with staple #EDC – every day carry stationery. It seems to be a habit of many successful people. It’s a philosophy of preparedness.

Search the #EDC – every day carry – and you’ll come across a plethora of items: bottle openers, knives, first aid kits, notebooks and pens. At Milligram, of course, we are most concerned with pens and notebook as part of your essential everyday carry.

We believe that each person’s #EDC is unique and reflects the individual. The combination, style and use all reflect what challenges the day ahead might throw at them.

It’s important to note that there is no single ultimate combination for everyday carry stationery (notebook and pen). It really comes down to who you are and what you need it for.

When deciding though, here are a few key criteria to consider.

Six things to consider in your #EDC – every day carry stationery selection

1. Portability
If you’re jamming a pen and notebook together into your pocket maybe you consider a small pocket pen such as a Kaweco and then pair with an Ogami pocket notebook (pictured below). However if they live in your hand bag or backpack, maybe you could go for a larger style pen/notebook combo.


2. Weight
50 grams might not seem like a lot, but if you have it in your pocket for 12 hours, you’ll soon notice it. If you’re active, consider lighter aluminum or plastic barrels (like the Lamy below), it’s best to steer clear of heavy metals, glass and resin.


3. Durability
How durable is the pen you’re choosing? If you sit on it will it survive? Generally pocket sized pens (like this Kaweco Ice Sport pictured) are designed to travel in your pocket to be on hand, their short length tends not to flex as much when sat on so you’re at less risk of snapping them in two.


4. Looks
Arguably one of the most important factors, your #EDC reflects you, your personality and your style and it will be one of the main things that people will see. Think of it like a watch, you wouldn’t wear an ugly watch so why carry an ugly pen or notebook? With the pocket Moleskine below you can opt for sleek black or one of their great new brighter colours.


5. Style
Ballpoint, fountain or rollerball comes down to not only personal preference but also what they’ll be used for on a day-to-day basis. If you’re mostly at a desk and only writing on paper, then a rollerball or fountain is perfect. But if you’re out and about, drawing, sketching and marking on a variety of surfaces then you might want to consider a ballpoint, like the Tombow Airpress below.


6. Can you (afford to) lose it?
Of course your immediate response is NO! But really, if you’ve spent a small fortune on a pen, you might want to only use it at your desk. While we’ve formed bonds with the most disposable of pens and been sad to see them die, it’s important to ask “what would happen if I lost it?”. The lower the financial impact, the lower the pain, we’d suggest.



Got any thoughts about what you look for in your EDC every day carry stationery? Share in the comments!

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