Quarterly Field Notes Limited Editions

We get a little excited at Milligram each time the quarterly Field Notes limited editions hit our desks. They’re always created with such thought, care and passion. Plus this perfect pocket notebook has so many uses… jotting down notes and ideas, to-do and grocery lists and recording anything we don’t want to forget!

We admire the huge dedication of the team behind Field Notes: creator Aaron Draplin’s of Draplin Design Company of Portland and co-founder Jim Coudal’s Coudal of Partners of Chicago. Aaron originally created Field Notes (back in 2007) as a cool gift for friends because he couldn’t find a sketchbook that he liked, and aren’t we lucky that he did!

The Field Notes team are inspired by the vanishing subgenre of agricultural memo books in hopes of offering, ‘an honest memo book, worth fillin’ up with good information’.

Overview: Quarterly Field Notes Limited Editions

The Field Notes COLORS limited editions have been released quarterly since 2008 and are variations on their classic memo books. In each release the team explore new papers, printing processes and colours, sometimes adding special packaging and other fringe benefits.

We take a closer look at some of these releases. Note that these editions run with a limited print run, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Make sure you pick up each limited release, so you’ll have no regrets!

Field Notes: Three Missions

‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’

The 39th Field Notes limited edition notebooks, Three Missions celebrates the programs that assisted in America’s historic quest to land a man on the Moon fifty years ago. This small step for notebooks consists of three memo books — one each for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs.

Each memo book contains 48 pages and are full of facts and figures. They feature dramatic photographs of iconic moments from those missions on the covers, printed in full process colour, plus “Orbital Silver” metallic ink and an aqueous coating.

Field Notes Three Missions MilligramThey are a slightly larger size than usual (8.9x14cm) because each pack also contains three “Punch-Out and Assemble” Mission-Specific Crew Capsule Models, for fun and education.

The insides are Finch Opaque 60 gsm white graph paper (4.7mmx4.7mm) with the rules printed in an extremely light “Firmament Gray” ink. These pages will be helpful in planning a summer picnic or calculating optimal orbital trajectories and eccentricities.

Field Notes Three Missions Milligram

Field Notes: Coastal — East Coast & West Coast

The 38th Quarterly Field Notes limited edition, Coastal is separated by over 4500km (2800 miles) and will take you from coast to coast across the USA. “Coastal: East” reveals the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida. “Coastal: West” features the Pacific coast from Puget Sound to the Mexican border, each pack sold separately.

Field Notes Coastal Milligram

East Coast

Field Notes Coastal MilligramWest Coast

The Coastal release displays the North American coastline mapped across three pocket-sized memo books in two bright holographic foils. There are 48 pages per notebook and you’ll adore the “ocean” reticle pattern (4.7 x 4.7mm) on the cover, which is repeated on the body pages, printed with a split fountain of ink. The reticles on some pages are blue, some pages are green, and most are somewhere in between. There is space for your details, pertinent coordinates, a 5cm ruler and more.

Field Notes Coastal Milligram

You might not find these maps useful as a navigational aid, but we think you’ll dig the organic shapes and topography they depict. The thing we love most about this edition is also why it’s difficult to photograph. Depending on the the angle of the light, the two holographic foils can appear to be almost any colour, although they start as a deep gold on the shore and a rich, aqua blue in the water.

The “Coastal” Edition will make a fine companion for any adventure, no matter which season or what coast you decide to explore.

Field Notes: Haxley

Go on an adventure with Haxley. An illustrated story book and a sketch book in collaboration with craftsman, Jay Ryan.

Field Notes Haxley Milligram

The ‘Haxley’ edition includes two 64-page books. The first is a “Story Book,” featuring ruled pages (with a bit of a wave) alongside Jay’s 31 black-and-white drawings about a bear and his squirrel neighbours. You can expand on Haxley’s adventure, or, just maybe, recount a completely different journey, one you make yourself.

Field Notes Haxley Milligram

The other book in the 2-pack is a “Sketch Book” with plain pages to use however you please — continue the Haxley story, perhaps? Both books feature Neenah Royal Sundance Felt “Warm White” covers with four spot colours and a fifth-glow-in-the-dark ink, illuminating the flashlight beams. They’re PUR-bound with Domtar Cougar smooth 70gsm “Natural” text paper inside.

Field Notes: Resolution

The 37th Quarterly Field Notes limited edition release, Resolution is intended to be straightforward and useful — two very good things for a Field Notes product to be.

Field Notes Resolution Milligram

The Resolution release comes in a set of 3 pocket-sized notebooks, which includes one 56-page undated weekly planner date notebook (so you can start it whenever you want!) and two 48-page checklist ‘to-do’ journals. There’s also a double-sided 2018 calendar that fits within the notebooks. The perfect way to become more productive and organised.

Field Notes Resolution Milligram

The Checklist Journals are subtly ruled with contrasting white/grey blocks and a “Slot Screw-Head Device” at the start of each line for marking completed and partially completed tasks. The Date Book displays one week on each page. Together, the two formats can be used in any number of ways as a complete and portable planning system.

Field Notes Resolution Milligram

There’s no single “correct” system for filling in the “screw-heads,” Field Notes have left it as flexible as possible, and we can’t wait to see how you use it.

Field Notes: Sweet Tooth

The 30th latest seasonal release is “Sweet Tooth”. This set is the brightest one yet and comes in a solid block of plain, bright colour cover-to-cover: ‘Blu-Raspberry’, ‘Banana Split’ and ‘Tangy Orange’.

The team have always wanted to experiment with a “through and through” edition, where the colour of the interior pages matches the colour of the cover. Once they saw how bright and attention-grabbing the coloured pages were they decided to leave them blank and make it happen.

The covers are stamped in matching shiny metallic foils from Crown Roll Leaf Inc and the French Paper’s Pop-Tone line feels robust and durable with a 270gsm cover and 103gsm text.

In a Field Notes first, each page is perforated just the right amount so that the page comes out neatly and cleanly with a quick fold for both note taking and note leaving.

Field Notes at Milligram

While we’re talking special editions, we thought you might like to check out some of the previous COLORS limited editions that Milligram house.

Field Notes: Snowblind

The 29th release “Snowblind” is pure magic and total fun. The notebooks are designed with specially designed ink so the cover changes colour when exposed to UV light. Made of silk cover stock, the cover has been silk-screened (another first for Field Notes!) with two custom inks.

The Field Notes logo is printed with a pearlescent “interference” ink that glimmers and sparkles, and the remainder of the notebook is coated in “photochromic” ink that darkens when exposed to sunlight. Out of sunlight, the notebooks are white. In direct sunlight, they change to blue!

Fields Notes Snow blindField Notes: Shenandoah

If you’ve ever been to the Shenandoah National Park (bordering Virginia and West Virginia, USA) there might be a nostalgic recollection from Field Notes’ 28th release, the “Shenandoah”.

The colours feature three green French cover stocks that match the leaf colour of three trees that can be found at the National Park: Sweet Birch, Chestnut Oak and the Red Maple.

To make this notebook a one-of-a-kind, Field Notes introduced duplexing – taking two different colour papers and fusing them together so that they become one through brute force and adhesives. This had been done before, but this time the team wanted specific colours and paper – so they made their own!

And, in case you don’t know which is which, each notebook in this pack features an illustration of a leaf on the back with some facts about the tree, and the belly band around each notebook is real birch veneer.

Field Notes Shenandoah Milligram

Field Notes: Expedition

Let’s look at one more release from a little while back. This is one we absolutely loved when it first came out – the 17th release “Expedition”. It comes in a fiery ‘Antarctic Survey Orange’ front cover and ‘Polar Night Black’ back cover, with a subtle varnish map of Antarctica spread across both.

You might have noticed a pattern of “firsts” from Field Notes with each new release, and this is no exception. This time, the team expanded the basic utility of the notebook: the paper. The “Expedition” is printed on Yupo Synthetic Paper, which is incredibly waterproof and tear-proof, ready to tackle any hemisphere. Don’t believe us? Check out the extensive and intensive testing done over at Field Notes.

Field Notes Expedition Notemaker

At Milligram, we love Field Notes’ limited edition COLORS releases that are seemingly simple yet complex utilitarian designs. For creator, Aaron Draplin, Field Notes is a ‘nice, little reminder to slow things down where [he] can…There’s something magical and timeless about a pencil and paper.’

With over 15 years in the industry, Aaron Draplin has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. We can’t wait to see what Field Notes comes up with next!

Find out more about the inspiration behind the Field Notes brand on the Milligram Journal.

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