Sometimes to find inspiration we need to get away from our desks. We’ve been heading out & about to find inspiration in new places: the banks of Melbourne’s Yarra River, the Botanical Gardens, art galleries and even a tram!

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Botanical gardens

Life drawing

Dialogue writing

Our designer used the Koh-I-Noor Artist Pencils to draw a gorgeous apple and now we’ve given our Instagram community a chance to try them out.

We asked the community where they go to find inspiration or be creative. As always, we received such an eclectic mix of ideas so we’d like to share some of these with you to hopefully inspire you! We’d love to hear from you if you have your own places you go to find inspiration, please add them in the comments section below.

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1) I usually head outside and walk around the farm – animals and their crazy personalities, plant textures and flowers can be inspiring but then again just reflecting on childhood memories, favourite story books or old movies also gets my brain going ~ inspiration is everywhere really!

2) Sitting outside, looking at treetops, clouds and blue skies.

3) I find inspiration on my front steps there’s just tons of nature and just sitting there is relaxing.

4) Sitting at the desk in my home office! I love that space! (Read our 7 steps to a total desk makeover on the blog.)

Desk makeover

Before & After

5) When I’m grasping for ideas or am in need of creative pep, I look back through my art diaries and journals. Reminding myself of beautiful moments and past emotions is a sure-fire way to get the innovative part of my brain ticking over!

6) I find inspiration from within, in quiet moments when I reflect on my life experiences. My creativity is expressed by triggers of these experiences sounds, smells, textures, taste and hues of colour, emotions, heart, logic and spirituality and most importantly humour and caffeine induced.

7) I snuggle into bed and just start drawing to unwind before I go to bed (or to be indulgent during the day on the weekend). I always look at quotes to get my brain focused if something doesn’t start naturally. Find our range of sketchbooks at Milligram.

8) I LOVE drawing inspiration from my surroundings, especially whilst travelling! Recently visited the Navajo Desert and was inspired by all the beautiful Native American art work and sculptures! Such amazing use of colour!

9) I take inspiration from colour in whatever form it’s available! Clothing, patterns, nature – wherever it stands out.

10) I go to the local art galleries in Brisbane or for a walk up in the mountains – both quiet spaces but really different.

11) I get inspiration on Instagram for my colouring. I’d probably get inspiration while hiking if I was capable of drawing!

12) I read countless books which = inspiration in all kinds of ways! (Find some of our new exciting reads on the site.)

13) I have two beautiful colouring books and my favourite has beautiful scenes around Paris. Find colouring books at Milligram.

14) I find my inspiration in the everyday, simple things. Life inspires me.

15) Nature is inspiration. I travel and get to know people and their experiences and get inspiration from it.

16) I have a craft room in my house and thats my creative space. It has large windows to see outside and draw lots of inspiration from the view.

17) I always find my best inspiration out of doors or in the kitchen – most of my best ideas come to me in the chicken pen.

18) In sounds. Music that has endured for hundreds of years, and continues to intrigue, energise and reveal.

19) I find inspiration in music and stories – books, tv, movies, anything that tells an immersive story. It’s not often a straight line to creating something though.

20) I sit at the dining room table to colour-in on a cold day… if its a nice sunny day I sit at our outside table… either way its an enjoyable, relaxing bit of “me” time and before I know it a few hours have passed!

21) I love to walk, with podcasts and audiobooks. I love walking around my town and looking at the houses. By the time I’m home, my brain has had a break, my body has had some exercise, and I’m ready to get my Create on.

22) I find inspiration in the sky, there is something so hypnotising about the stars and the moon.

23) For poems I usually write them just as I’m getting into bed as I get a great idea then. For drawings I look to nature especially plants. Also Milligram has great ideas. I love your calligraphy posts! (Naw, thanks! Read our how to get started with calligraphy and hand lettering, part one.)

24) I find inspiration in my lazy French bulldog. I don’t know why. It’s just that every time I look at him, I get all these ideas.

25) I take nature as my inspiration guideline. Instagram is also a great source of inspiration but I normally just go out and look at a nature and source for inspirations. I also took a lot of inspiration from friends and art galleries.

26) With a cup of tea in the conservatory, at one with nature but with power and wifi too!

27) I look to artists and study blogs on tumblr for inspiration usually. They inspire me because they show that people my own age can be talented and successful.

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