Kaweco pens combine 130 years of traditional German manufacturing methods, quality materials and contemporary yet timeless styling. They are appreciated worldwide for their unpretentious style, functional design and smooth writing experience.

Much of the range, like the Skyline and Sport lines, are extremely compact and comfortable to write with, making them an ideal pen to carry with you.

We’ve shared more about the Kaweco family ranges below, including profiling our exclusive selection of unearthed, new pens from the ‘80s.

Our pen specialist, Dion, recently visited Kaweco in Germany. We share insights from his visit on the blog, including how to correctly pronounce Kaweco.

New Arrivals

We’ve recently added new colours to the Kaweco collection, including: Caramel (Exclusive to Milligram), Macchiato, Red and Black.

Kaweco New Arrivals

Classic Sport

Designed in the 1930’s, the Classic Sport is the most recognisable design within the Kaweco collection. Compact, clever and versatile it has a vintage look that fosters great writing technique and sits comfortably in the hand. We recommend this pen as seriously good value for money: the quality is excellent, it’s durable and it’s a little bit of pen-design history.

Kaweco Classic Sport


Following the original 1935 octagonal design, the oversized cap arrangement on the fountain and rollerball pens in the Skyline series create a small closed pen but a full length when open; while the retractable ballpen measures 10.5cm in length! Lightweight yet compact, it’s the perfect pen to carry with you.

Kaweco Skyline

Limited Edition Skyline Retro

Bring retro back literally with these bright limited editions that are from the ‘80s, the very best of their kind. These are great everyday pens – or even something for your collection if you like your pens to be unique! Available in rollerball and ballpoint.

Kaweco Skyline Limited Edition

AC Sport

Made of a solid, matte finished aluminium, combined with genuine carbon inlays, the AC Sport is a high class Kaweco that slips easily into a pocket or purse. It comes in a fountain pen and mechanical pencil.

Kaweco AC Sport

AL Sport

Made of aluminium, the AL Sport is one of the best in the Sport range. The barrel is polished by hand, making it feel smooth and well-weighted, combining traditional design with modern materials and surfaces. The AL Sport comes in fountain, ballpoint, rollerball and mechanical pencil.

Kaweco AL Sport

Ice Sport

The affordable Ice Sport is set apart from the rest of the Sport range by its transparent plastic, which allows you a glance into the inner life of the writing instruments. It has a thick, comfy body shape made of high quality, transparent plastic that’s tough and doesn’t wear out. The Ice Sport comes in fountain, ballpoint, rollerball and mechanical pencil.

Kaweco Ice Sport


The Liliput is the stylish traveller’s pen – petite, slim, lightweight and super smooth to write with. The Eco brass contains no lead in the formula of the brass, so the pen will age more like copper than regular brass. The Liliput comes in fountain and ballpoint.

Kaweco Liliput

Elegance & Special

Stylish and functional pens that are excellent for the home or office.

The Elegance includes thin shaping of the body and balanced weight for a comfortable writing position. The Elegance comes in fountain, ballpoint and twist pencil.

The Special is a classy addition made of anodised solid aluminium with a matte black finish. It’s lightweight and comfortable to use. The Special comes in fountain, ballpoint and mechanical pencil, including a mini size.

Kaweco Elegance and Kaweco Special

Bottled Inks

You’ll find a range of bottled inks that has a special vintage appeal that are liked by fountain pen enthusiasts worldwide.

Fill your favourite inkwell fountain pen, or get a converter cartridge for your Kaweco Ice Sport to use and enjoy. They can be used with all Kaweco fountain pens as well as a variety of other fountain pens, and contain the same quality ink as Kaweco cartridges.

Kaweco Bottled Inks

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