At Milligram we love to bring you treasures from across the globe. So we are really excited to introduce the boutique French stationery brand Calepino.

Founded by 35-year old Frenchman Fabrice Richard, the original notebook range was inspired by the notebooks that used to lie around his father’s carpentry workshop when he was young.

Calepino notbooks

The look is unpretentious and traditional in appearance. The notebooks are constructed by hand, by Fabrice. You can’t get much more boutique than that!

We also love the commitment of the brand to supporting local French makers. For example:

  • The cardboard is manufactured in Creuse in central France in a factory that has been making cardboard since 1927.
  • The pencils are made in the traditional way in the Loire region for Calepino by the last business to still make pencils in France.
  • The pencil sharpeners are manufactured by a family-run company founded in 1908 which produces pencil sharpeners in Europe to the same exacting standards they’ve had for 100+ years.

Pencil and sharpener calepino

Even the name Calepino has history. In Bergamo Italy in the 15th century a lexicographer Ambrogio Calepino devoted most of his time to developing a multilingual dictionary. The work became so well known, and so widely distributed, that calepino eventually came to be used as a generic term for dictionary and later frenchified to ‘calepin’, which today means ‘notebook’.

Calepino Notebooks

The notebooks of French stationery brand Calepino also have serious environmental creds. The paper is 100% recycled. The notebooks are printed “in joy and high spirits” in the Heidelberg printing facilities with vegetable-based ink. And in order to avoid using plastic the notebooks are not plastic wrapped but stored in recycled cardboard.

We’ve hand-picked from the range to ensure you have access to the best elements available. You’ll find on Milligram:

  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Black ball point pens
  • Three sharpeners, including ‘the sharpening machine’
  • Metal line markers – that mark your place or your page

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