A new diary is a great chance to start fresh. Our 2018 diary range is sure to delight with over four hundred diaries and planners on their way, there really is something for everyone! We expect new diaries to arrive within the next couple of months — stay updated here.

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Moleskine 2018 diaries

Our most popular range of diaries at Milligram is always Moleskine – so we know many of you will be interested in what’s on offer in the Moleskine planner 2018 diary range.

There are 56 planner variations on offer. You can pick based on size, diary layout, colour and even special editions. You may have a layout that you know works for you – or you might be open to trying something new for the new year.

We’ve included a look inside the pages of the Moleskine dairies to help you choose. All Moleskine diaries contain the same opening pages – from a place to record your personal information to monthly summaries to some travel information. We’ve included those below too.

Most popular Moleskine planner 2018 diary formats

Moleskine Weekly Diary and Notebook

This is ideal for those with only a few appointments but who like their diary to double as a notebook or place for action/’to-do’ lists.

Moleskine Weekly Notebook

Moleskine Weekly Diary / Planner Agenda — Horizontal Layout & Vertical Layout

The weekly horizontal shows the week divided across the spread, providing more space on each day to record plans or thoughts. The weekly vertical is perfect for those who like to plan their working week hourly with dot points for the weekend.

Moleskine Weekly Horizontal

Moleskine Weekly Vertical

Moleskine Daily Diary Format

A great format if you have a lots on, with appointment times from 8am—8pm. You could also ignore the appointment times and use this as a daily journal, as you have an entire page to record a day’s thoughts or actions.

Moleskine Daily

Other Moleskine Planner 2018 Diary Formats

Monthly Notebook Diary / Planner

A great format if you like to see your month in a quick snapshot over a double-page spread. There are ruled pages for notes after each month and additional pages toward the back.


Moleskine Monthly

Professional Action Weekly Vertical Diary / Planner Agenda

The ideal large diary for the busy professional with plenty of room for appointments. IMG_6207

Preliminary pages in each Moleskine 2018 diary

All Moleskine diaries open with the same series of pages:IMG_6196 IMG_6197 IMG_6198 IMG_6199 IMG_6200 IMG_6201 IMG_6203 IMG_6205 Moleskine diaries internal pages IMG_6204

How do Moleskine Limited Edition Diaries vary?

The diaries don’t actually vary greatly from the standard range. Only the cover, inside cover and outer wrap bear the mark of your favourite character or story.

The 2018 limited edition diaries include: Star Wars, Peanuts and Alice in Wonderland.

Star Wars – Inside the Moleskine 2018 Daily Diary / Planner

Moleskine Star Wars

Moleskine Star Wars

Large – Stormtrooper

Moleskine Star Wars

Pocket – BB-8

Peanuts – Inside the Moleskine 2018 Daily & Weekly Notebook Diary / Planner

Moleskine Peanuts

Moleskine Peanuts Moleskine Peanuts Alice in Wonderland – Inside the Moleskine 2018 Daily & Weekly Notebook / Diary Planner

Moleskine Alice in Wonderland

Moleskine Alice in Wonderland Moleskine Alice in WonderlandWe expect Alice in Wonderland to arrive in September.

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Sneak peek of Rifle Paper Co. 2017-2018 17 month spiral bound weekly diary planner

Rifle-Diary Planner

Sneak peek of Appointed 2017—2018 month weekly notebook diary planner


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