Herschel Supply Company Bags, duffles, backpacks and tech cases feel a little ‘old-school’ – in the right way! In fact, in an interview with GQ, the founders (and brothers) Lyndon and Jamie Cormac described their offering as “modernising nostalgic products and finishing them with a fine regard to detail.”

We believe it’s a great way to sum up their aesthetic. At Milligram.com.au we think of their range as functional, sturdy and stylish, with a classic feel that has nods to fashion but doesn’t pander to it.

Harking from the tiny town of Herschel, Canada, the brothers explain the underlying idea for their brand name arose from the concept of their home town’s “general store, rolling hills, dirt roads, crackling sidewalks and overall utilitarian feel”.

They say the details of a Herschel Supply product were inspired by the utilitarian features once found as standard inside classic hiking backpacks and travel bags. For example, their standard details include liners, key clips and pocket sleeves to ensure usefulness for today’s users.

herschel-supply-company-founders Founders – Lyndon & Jamie Cormac. (Image source: The Hundreds)

In designing the Herschel Supply Company Bags range they really think about the end customer. They ask themselves questions like: How are people going to use the products? What are they putting in? What are they interested in?

They call this “working ourselves backwards” and says it enables them to create that specific product that the end consumer is going to naturally move towards. As one of the world’s fastest growing brands, it’s obviously a strategy that works for them.

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