Throughout the month of October we’ve been sharing inspiration and tools that we’ve learnt as part of our month of learning, whether it be hand-lettering, calligraphy, sketching, writing, starting a new hobby or skill, you name it!

We recently asked the Milligram Instagram community what new hobbies or skills they’d like to take up or learn this Spring. We received such an eclectic mix of ideas so we’d like to share some of these with you to hopefully inspire you! We’d love to hear from you if you have your own hobbies and skills that you’re keen to take up, please add them in the comments section below.

1) Pottery for sure. Creating things with your own hands from scratch absolutely intrigues me and there is such a large range in pottery. So much to learn, room for growth and different paths you can take and the feeling of filling your house with unique pieces you made yourself would be amazing!

2) I’d love to learn short story writing! Always been quite crafty and loved writing, but have never written a story from start to finish! (Read why you should take time to improve your handwriting on the blog.)

3) Botanical drawing! Spring brought about a variety of sprigs and buds, and I’m planning to start a drawing journal to document the various florals and foliages that fascinate me. Paying attention to detail is key – must scout for the best sketchbook and pens to use and as well as books on the basics of botanical drawing. (Read our creative tips and finding the right tools on the blog.)

Start colouring at Milligram

4) Retro macrame wall hangings in natural colours interwoven with metallic thread is something I’d love to create this Spring.

5) I’d love to get back into polymer clay by making some Halloween-themed jewellery and brooches/pins!

6) Am wanting to take a photography course! So many pretty flowers and wildlife to practice on during spring.

7) I want to learn how to do cryptic crosswords ✏️

8) I’m getting my weave on. Already signed up to a class so it’s only a matter of time before the weaving magic begin. It’s looming up ahead.

9) Playing the guitar.

10) Calligraphy, with the beautiful fountain pens and ink in fountain-paper friendly notebooks. (Read about fountain pen friendly paper on the blog.)

Learn Calligraphy with Milligram tools

11) I’d like to do a creative writing course. I write a lot at the moment but it has no direction, just a lot of different pieces. Maybe a creative writing course can point me in the write (get it? Lol) direction.

Confessions of a Comma Queen

A legendary New Yorker copy editor’s endlessly enjoyable life lessons in spelling and punctuation, grammar and usage. (And pencils.)

12) I want to get back into piano and start a health based bullet journal. (Not familiar with the bullet journal method? Read our how-to on the blog.)

13) I just registered for a fiction writing course via MOOC. Getting my ideas from my head to paper would be the perfect start!

14) I would love to start lyric writing this spring. I’m currently learning the cello as a new instrument and I’d like to couple that with the addition of vocals to tell a better story. How I could do with a ‘lyric journal’.

15) Currently I am trying to get into the habit of bullet journaling! I’m also trying to learn modern calligraphy! I would love to start working on some projects for our homes and possibly other homes!

Kaweco Calligraphy

16) I have two weeks left of uni and then I’ll have so much spare time. I want to get myself into the habit of writing and reading everyday because for somebody who wants to be a writer I just don’t do either of them enough.

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