How to: DIY Paper Flowers

For centuries, flowers have been a symbol of love, marriage and fertility. Roses, in particular, have appeared in countless works of art and literature as metaphors for passionate romance.

The Victorians popularised the tradition of floriography, the language of flowers, as a method of communicating feelings or sending messages without  words. In modern times, a dozen long-stemmed roses – along with overpriced boxed chocolates and garish greeting cards – have become synonymous with Valentine’s Day.

For a gift that’s a little more permanent, and a lot more original, why not make these simple paper blooms? Your lover or friend will be impressed with your efforts on February 14 – or, indeed, any other day of the year.

Below, the Milligram customer service guru Cameron takes us through the process, step-by-step, on how to make paper flowers.

Last year he made 300 of these flowers for his wedding– a declaration of love and commitment, if ever I saw one!

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You’ll need:

  • Sheets of thin, flexible card, in the colour(s) of your choice
  • Glue (we used a hot glue gun, but other good quality glue will work too)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pencil
  • Some wire (we used green and white)
  • Twine/brown paper (for finishing touches!)

DIY: How to make paper flowers

DIY: How to make paper flowers

1. Take a piece of coloured paper and cut a circle in it. The outside edges can be slightly uneven, to make the petals of your rose look naturally imperfect.

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2. With your scissors, cut your circle of paper into a spiral. Make sure you’re always turning the piece of paper (ie. you’re never cutting in a straight line, but always on a curve). In the centre of the spiral, leave an apostrophe shaped piece of card.

FullSizeRender 33

FullSizeRender 85

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3. Using your pencil, begin to roll the spiral of paper, starting with the outside of the coil and working your way inwards. Ensure that the edges on the inside of the spiral – which form the bottom of your flower petals – are evenly lined up as you roll it up. Your coil can be tight to begin with, but try to relax it as you go. When you’re halfway through rolling your spiral, you can remove the pencil and use your fingers.

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4. The apostrophe shaped piece from the centre of your spiral will form the base of flower. Place some glue on it to secure your coil.

FullSizeRender 38

5. Cut a leaf shape from your green paper, and make a light fold in the centre.

FullSizeRender 40

FullSizeRender 55

6. Attach the leaf to your flower using glue.

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FullSizeRender 125

7. Take a length of wire and bend a triangle at one end. Using glue, attach this triangle to the base of your flower and hold until dry.

FullSizeRender 13 FullSizeRender 71

DIY: How to make paper flowers

DIY: How to make paper flowers

8. Repeat using different coloured cards and various circle sizes until you’ve got a whole bouquet of beautiful blooms.

DIY: How to make paper flowers

DIY: How to make paper flowers

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Happy crafternoon! With love from Milligram xx