When the Milligram team found out we were going to be the third retailer in the world to stock the exclusive Jacques Herbin range by J. Herbin, we were ecstatic.

Milligram are proud to bring the luxe Jacques Herbin brand to Australia — the other two retailers are in Itoya in Tokyo, Japan and Le Bon Marche and Boisnard in Paris, France. If you’re around these parts of the world, be sure to check this brand out!

Can you imagine our reaction when we got to test out some samples from Jacques Herbin to review?

Jacques Herbin is a new range of luxury stationery from J. Herbin, featuring exquisite inks, superb fountain and rollerball pens, fine paper and leather goods. I review the Jacques Herbin polished rose gold fountain pen with a medium nib.

I tested the Jacques Herbin fountain pen on the Tomoe River paper pad, the Rhodia #18 pad in plain, and the Milligram Studio dot grid memo pad, part of the Organisation range.

Initial response

The first thing you notice when you use this Jacques Herbin fountain pen is its weight – it feels impressive! It’s actually a heavier pen than I’m used to because of the materials used, like rose gold plated steel.

The pen body is very smooth and shiny. This means it does show finger print marks on it quite easily so you’d need to give it a little polish between uses to keep it beautiful shine. The pen cap screws on and off and can be posted at the end of the pen, helping distribute the weight across the hand.


My favourite part of this Jacques Herbin pen is the appearance of the nib, featuring a beautiful engraving of the Jacques Herbin logo of a ship at sea. The logo is surrounded by fine lines, reminiscent of a the waves of the water, which accentuates the ribbing behind the nib.

Jacques Herbin ink range

Each Jacques Herbin fountain pen from this range comes with a piston ink converter, perfect for when you want to experiment with different inks. I used the Jacques Herbin’s Southern Blue (Bleu Austral) ink as I love the dark teal shade — it’s understated enough to use in an office environment but still a unique colour for when you want to show personality in your writing. The ink is highly pigmented and seems thicker than standard inks, so it takes a little longer to dry depending on the paper used. The whole Jacques Herbin ink range is impressive and features ten stunning colours inspired by the world around us.

Jacques Herbin souther blue bleu australJacques Herbin souther blue bleu australJacques Herbin ink swatches

How does the Jacques Herbin fountain pen write?

A very important question! Writing with the Jacques Herbin pen is a treat because the nib is one of the smoothest I’ve ever written with. Yes, the pen is heavy but well-weighted, so you don’t really notice it when you write because the weight of the pen propels the motion of writing forward, creating an effortless glide.

Paper test: Tomoe River paper pad

Tomoe River is known for its high quality thin paper. The Jacques Herbin pen and ink worked surprisingly well on the Tomoe River pad, but it did take the ink a bit longer to dry.

Paper test: Rhodia #18 plain notepad

Anyone who loves fountain pens has at least heard of Rhodia. Rhodia is known for its high quality paper and affordable price point. The Jacques Herbin pen and ink performed well on this pad. The ink dried faster on this pad and did not have any bleed or feathering.

Milligram Studio dot grid memo pad

I personally love this Milligram Studio notepad and use it every day to plan my day. I tested the Jacques Herbin pen and ink on this paper and was impressed with the results. I didn’t experience any feathering or bleed, and the ink didn’t take very long to dry.

I highly recommend this new range of Jacques Herbin writing stationery, especially the fountain pens. I’m also very intrigued by the Jacques Herbin rollerball pens as they use fountain pen ink in them so those who prefer rollerball can enjoy Jacques Herbin’s range of inks.

The Jacques Herbin range is luxurious and literally exudes quality. Yes, it is on the higher price side but the quality of the range really makes the range worth the investment. The pen, in particular, will be a treasured writing companion for life.

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