A new year is the ideal time to start fresh and set new goals for your home, work and personal life.

We recently published a post on three steps to help make 2017 your most organised year yet, we now follow this up with three more steps to help you get ahead and support you on your journey. We hope you find them useful!

Step 4: Evaluate your stationery essentials

“Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life.”

Evaluate your stationery essentials

1. Mark’s Inc., 2017 Storage.It Daily Diary
2. Moleskine, 2017 Soft Cover Weekly Notebook Diary Rollerball Pen
3. Field Notes, “Black Ice” Ltd. Ed. Notebook, Set of 3
4. Delfonics, Rollbahn Spiral Notebook
5. Decomposition, Manatea Notebook
6. LAMY, Lx Fountain Pen
7. Moleskine, Classic Cap Gel Ink
8. Delfonics, Wooden Ballpoint Pen
9. Palomino, Blackwing Pencil Ltd. Ed. Volume 530, Set of 12

The quote from Teri Garr resonates with us quite well. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, evaluate what is important and, of course, enjoy life.

So what is important? For us, first and foremost, it is a diary – how else would we keep ourselves on track with deadlines, meetings and remember all those dates?! Ask yourself: what’s the right diary for you? Do you need a weekly snapshot to review your week, or are you pulled into lots of appointments at various times of the day and need a daily diary?

Another essential for us is a notebook – there’s nothing like starting a new year and opening up a fresh, crisp new notebook. Need some help selecting the right size notebook for you? Read our blog post on notebook sizes.

And of course, writing with the right pen, whether it be fountain, rollerball, ballpoint or pencil. At the start of a new year it’s always a good time to check your ink levels and check whether you may need to order a new refill.

Step 5: Review your workspace organisation

“For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned.”

Workspace organisation

10. HIGHTIDE, Steel Bookends, Set of 2
11. Rifle Paper Co., Weekly Deskpad
12. Delfonics, “Ficka” Expanding File
13. Nomess, Spring Scissors
14. Areaware, Concrete Desk Set
15. Beyond Object, Penpo Desk Organiser
16. House Doctor, Three Handle Planter
17. Telegram, Periodic Table of the Elements

Having an organised workspace can certainly contribute to your productivity. It’s a good idea to stand back and check whether your desk is set up with everything you need – is your desk planner handy? Your scissors, sticky notes, stapler? Should you file documents or loose papers that you need to hold onto?

Are your pens, pencils and other loose stationery items thrown in your top drawer or sprawled across your table? Perhaps some desk storage might help? And why not add a personalised touch – perhaps a print above your desk or a planter might work with your space?

Step 6: Source inspiration for new skills or thinking

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”


18. Marie Kondo, Spark Joy
19. Rhonda Hetzel, The Simple Home

You can find inspiration in the most likely and unlikely of places. It can strike anywhere, whether you seek it out or stumble upon it.

We find books always provide a great source of inspiration and ideas; and, with so many books out there there’s sure to be one (or quite a few!) that satisfy your curiosity.

Do you ever tune into a podcast or read a blog for inspiration? Some of our favourites include:

The Well-Appointed Desk

Letters in November

The Postman’s Knock

Getting Things Done

The Tim Ferris Show

The Action Catalyst 

Perhaps you could find inspiration at a physical or digital workshop? Some of our favourites include:

The Blackline by Lauren

Love Handmade Markets

Black Chalk Collective

The School

63f77d99-5af5-4a06-a92d-280c2177ac8a20. J. Herbin, Writing Copy Book
21. Mi Goals, Goals Notebook
22. Kaweco, Calligraphy Pen Writing Set

Other times, inspiration can strike when you pick up a new tool and feel inspired by the instructions that are built in. We’re big fans of Mi Goals who make this one of their main objectives in each product they create.

Inspiration is easy to come by and also easy to ignore. When it comes your way be sure to embrace it and ask yourself: what can I learn from this? Will it help me? Can I pass this information onto others?


Starting the year with these final three steps will help you make 2017 your most organised yet. We’d love to hear from you if you have any additional tips you’d like to share.

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