Marimekko is a brand that embodies all of our favourite elements of Finnish design. Their portfolio of products range from textiles and tableware to high-quality clothing, bags and everyday accessories, all featuring their sought-after prints.

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, this once small textile printing company was one of the first true lifestyle brands to deliver originality and colour to the everyday.

Marimekko Unikko

The origins of Marimekko

Marimekko first came about when founder and imaginative textile designer, Armi Ratia was working with her husband at their print manufacturing business, Printex. With ideas of unique and colourful prints dancing in her mind, Armi enlisted the help of promising young designers to bring her vision to life.

These collaborations would form the cornerstone of the Marimekko brand – always present, happy and bringing life to the everyday.

The name Marimekko originated in two parts: the first part ‘Mari’ is an anagram of founder Armi Ratia’s first name, whilst ‘mekko’ means ‘dress’ in Finnish. A perfectly suited name given Armi’s fascination with fabric and print and desire to revolutionise women’s fashion.

Armi Ratia, first print

Early days

Armi’s creative designs attracted a lot of attention but not many committed buyers. This presented a problem with getting the brand off the ground, so what did Armi do? She held a fashion show that presented the colour and intrigue of her striking patterns – with many of the designs being sold straight after the show! A mere five days later, on 25 May 1951, the company name Marimekko was born and the company officially began.Marimekko Logo Marimekko Fashion Shows

A Marimekko philosophy

Marimekko has several key design philosophies that guide the brand and what it is strives to be:

  • Joy of everyday life – Designers bring happiness and have their own unique style
  • Patterns & colours – Creative and innovative prints that celebrates creativity
  • Timelessness – Classic clothing and products, designed to stand the test of time
  • Genuineness – Unpretentious, never trying to be something that it is not
  • Functionality – Designing products for the everyday aspects of life
  • Sustainability – “Fairness to everyone and everything” environmentally aware products
  • Freedom of creativity – Inspired, authentic products with heart

The designers

From the 1950s all the way through to the 2000s, Marimekko has chosen to partner with designers that embody their design philosophy. From having their own personal style and a certain joie de vivre about them – it is these attributes that are present in the type of designs that are produced.

Armi’s belief was that these ‘young designers grow to become Marimekko masters of tomorrow’ – a sentiment that is still very much core to Marimekko’s ethos today.

Marimekko at Milligram

Marimekko is globally renowned for their colourful prints, strikingly creative designs and timelessness – all part of the reason we couldn’t wait to get them on board. With printed fabrics that consistently delivers originality and brings life to everything they touch, we expect their everyday accessories will be a welcome and uplifting addition to your life.

We cannot wait to see what this unique Finnish design company comes up with next and are truly excited to welcome Marimekko to Milligram.

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