Let’s face it — we all probably want to get a whole lot more done in any year than we actually do!  One reason is lack of truly planning out what we want to achieve — and not checking in on our own progress to ensure we are on the path to our goals. Which is where stationery brand MiGoals can really help.

MiGoals is the brainchild of Adam Jelic. Adam comes from a sales and fitness background, rather than a design background like so many stationery entrepreneurs. With the range focusing on helping people achieve their goals, Adam’s background has been critical to designing a functional and fabulous range that really works for those who use the MiGoals products. Together with partner Alex Kach — the man who turns the ideas into super cool looking products — the team make up the creative force behind MiGoals.

The range is designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. The very first MiGoals creation was the diary in 2010. Since then the range has expanded to include a Goals Book, a Bucket List book, a Progress Journal, a MiNotes nobook and a “Get Shit Done” notebook range. We asked Adam to share a little more of the story behind MiGoals.

adam jelic migoals

1. What inspired you to start MiGoals?

What inspired me to start MiGoals was my own frustration with the fact there were no appealing products on the market that allowed me to set my goals and be inspired along the way. I quickly realised that I wasn’t the only one that shared that frustration! So we began expanding the range and our products are now helping 10’s of thousands of people a year live inspired lives.


2. Launching a new stationery brand is hard work? How did you first spread the word about your brand and products?

At the start one of our main ways to spread the word was to get our products into as many influencers’ hands as we could. What that really means is that we sent A LOT of packs to individuals who we thought would enjoy our products and could help grow our brand.

3. What was your first product and how has the range expanded?

The first product was the MiGoals Diary (hard cover edition), which is the diary I created for myself to use.

The range has expanded now to eight styles of products in the range.

We now do Bucket List books, Get Shit Done books, Goals books, Goals Cards, Diaries and even prints.

MiGoals Bucket List

 4. Have you had particular personal success with goal setting and can you share any tips?

Definitely! In fact, what I have achieved with MiGoals is testament to having a vision and writing my goals out.

My tip is this: Once you truly believe in yourself and your idea anything really is possible.

migoals goals book

5. Do you have a favourite pen or pencil you write with?

Not particularly. I did, however, recently receive a nice Sheaffer pen from a good friend which I must admit is amazing to write with. I may be a convert to “good pens” now!

migoals get shit done

6. What can we expect next from MiGoals?

Expect to see us expand the range in the coming months, with both new styles and new products.

At the same time we are also hoping to branch out into other fields and expand internationally. Watch this space!

Browse the entire range of MiGoals at Milligram.

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