Hellolulu was conceived in 2005 by two friends John & Ronny, carrying the motto “Carry Happiness”. Hellolulu identified originality, simplicity and practicality as its core elements, with products that provide a great user experience. This is what drew us to the brand and we’re excited to launch the bag range on Milligram.

Stylish and durable, Hellolulu bags are highly functional and made of sturdy materials, which makes the day-to-day task of organising and carrying your necessities a pleasure. The range includes backpacks, ruckpacks, tote bags and Boston bags. With it’s bright & cheerful palate of colours and practical designs, there is a Hellolulu bag to suit everyone!

We chat with Ronny and John to find out a bit more about the brand and where their inspiration comes from.

Ronny & John

Q1. You offer both adults and kids bags, which is quite unique. What made you want to introduce bags for kids?

One of our primary beliefs is to understand the needs of our users. In recent years, our product designs have become more versatile, breaking through various age and gender barriers, and ultimately adhering to different lifestyle needs. Simultaneously, our designs revolve around our brand concept “Carry Happiness”, where simplicity, durability and functionality are our core guidelines.


Q2. Your brand has been around for ten years – is your vision any different today than when you started?

Hellolulu has been established for over 10 years. At the very beginning, the inspiration behind our designs was to develop various laptop and camera bags that satisfied different users’ functional needs without sacrifice to style – this direction had proven its success by attracting a market of users that aimed for practical but fashionable bags.

In the past year, our brand has placed further emphasis on the interests of our users both from a lifestyle and practical perspective, while making an effort to promote and encourage environmental friendliness – this is done mainly via product durability and everlasting, classic designs. Our mission is to provide Hellolulu users with a sufficient selection of timeless products, which will in turn permit a wide degree of adaptability to different outfits over a long period of time. And from this satisfaction, we hope to bring about happiness.

Q3. There are so many bag brands in the market, how did you decide to make your range stand out?

Happiness is the key that connects the brand with all Hellolulu’s counterparts. This value motivates everything from aspiration, attitude to action, which differentiates the brand from others.

To bring fun to the world
To improve people’s lives
To inspire and motivate through useful and thoughtful designs

Q4. What sort of customer do you have in mind when you design a bag for Hellolulu? What sort of people love your range?

We design bags for those customers who would love to discover happiness in their daily everyday life. Therefore, we pay lots of caring attention to the small details in all our carrying solutions from colour, design, materials to functionality. Every Hellolulu product is the fruit of our labour of love.

Q5. Are there any brands you particularly admire or designers you draw inspiration from?

We especially admire brands that invest their efforts into creating durable, quality products with original designs and ideas. Some brands that we love include:

Household & Furniture
Normann Copenhagen



Q6. We love all the bright colours in the range. Is that something central to your brand and design vision?

Bright colours bring happiness and positive energy to us. It’s something key elements show our brand characters as: Happy, Fun, Colourful, Positive, Spirited, Timeless, Simple, Practical, Everyday, Everybody.


Q7. What are your future plans for Hellolulu? Anything exciting to look forward to?

Our long-term goal is to open our concept store, so that we can freely present our beliefs and ideas on life in our own manner. At the same time, it will allow for our loyal users to share their thoughts on our brand – it’s a type of direct interaction that we truly believe will become a win-win situation further down the road.

We also look forward to working with different brands and product categories – such as modern household products, fashion labels and outdoors travel commodities – in hopes of providing customers with all-round lifestyle solutions.

Hellolulu founders

Since its debut season, Hellolulu had already won the accolades of customers with its various notebook computer and camera related products, with great function, vibrant colours as well as practical and thoughtful features.

On its 10th anniversary, Hellolulu further enhanced its products by introducing more stylish elements into the designs while putting greater emphasis on cleaner lines, exquisite cutting, as well as thoughtful details. Consequently, each and every Hellolulu product carries performance, evergreen colour schemes, and selected materials, and can be used for all seasons and occasions with durability and environmental-friendliness in mind.

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