We’ve had a few Papier Tigre products in store at Milligram for the past year, but we’ve just dramatically expanded the range as we fell in love with all their fabulous new stationery products. So we wanted to get to know the founders of Papier Tigre (Paper Tiger) a little better. Our interview with the lovely Maxime follows.

Where did the idea for Papier Tigre (and the products) come from?

Before creating our brand we were working as a creative studio. Our job was to build brand identities, logos, brochures, etc. As a result we had a deep knowledge of the printing and creative process. 
Creating for others eventually became a little frustrating, which is partly why we eventually decided to work for our own and create the products we’ve always dreamed of. This new and exciting challenge has quickly become our everyday life.

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Who are the founders/designers and what role does each play in the business?

Agathe, Julien and Maxime are the brand owners, but we also work with many talented people that help us make Papier Tigre better every day. What we do each day is quite varied. Agathe and Julien are the great creatives – they wish they had more time for experiencing and create more products!

Papier Tigre

What has driven creating your notebooks and many products from 100% recycled paper?

Recycled paper was not our main goal at first. However we love uncoated papers and raw materials, so it was really easy to decide to use the 100% recycled product. We feel like there is more sensitivity in cardboard made from other papers and old packaging than there is in an outrageously whitened cardboard stock.

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We love the tiger in your logo – is there a story behind why you chose him as your logo and as the name behind the business?

Haha, our beloved Tiger !! 
Yes, we wanted a name for our brand that could be smart and cute : Papier Tigre is an historical expression used by Mao that we used backwards, giving the idea that even though something looks weak (like paper) it can turn strong with creativity – and then of course we created a logo inspired from a Tiger. But we created a tiger you wanted to cuddle, not the wild kind of tiger!

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You have a physical store in Paris – where else around the world has Papier Tigre taken you or where do you want to take it next?

Yes, our own shop in Paris is quite a dream come true! It is in a perfect area, in Paris’ creative heart: Le Marais. Everything is centralised from here: the office, the shop and the warehouse are under the same roof. It is also great to be able to have the everything together so that ‘the idea’ to ‘the retail’ to our great ‘clients enjoying it’ all happens in one place.

It has been a great success since we opened so now we are looking for other places like Tokyo, London and Berlin to open new Tiger houses.

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Are there any other stationery (or other) brands that you admire?

We often travel to Japan for work and each time are very impressed with the numerous artisanal and small brands that do such great work – in the paper business but also in fabrics and ceramics. Respect for traditions, combined with great quality, is something we admire. It is one – out of the many – sources of inspiration we find.

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What are you hoping to do next with the brand / what can we expect from Papier Tigre in the future?

Hah, if only we had more time to create!

We are planning to enlarge our product range with more stationery, more decorative products and more gifts.

We have a lot of new ideas that are currently being developed and optimised for you guys.

We also preparing new collaborations like the one we have with Diptyque right now (pictured below)– on paper but also fabrics and ceramics, here in France and in Japan – whoohoooo !!

And of course the big challenge is to open new shops in London, Berlin, and Tokyo.

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