MiGoals is one of our favourite stationery brands at Milligram — not just because they’re Australian too, but they create purposeful stationery… and often with a sense of humour! (Read about the MiGoals founders here.)

Last year they released a series of notebooks with “Get Shit Done” emblazoned across the front — and people could not get enough of them! This year they’ve released some great designs for these little notebooks — including some in the series designed by Melbourne illustrator and designer, Bianca Cash. We talked to Bianca to learn a little more about her, her inspiration and her fab designs for the MiGoals Get Shit Done notebooks. (Special thanks to Bianca for the gorgeous pics and illustrations we’ve been able to include with this story.)

Bianca cash

We love the illustrative style you applied to the MiGoals range – do you have any other creative collaborations coming up or that you’ve recently done?

Thanks so much.
It feels like for a lot of this year I have been working on collaborations.
I recently did one with Liz Riden, a leather goods company in the US.
I also did one with Poppies for Grace.
I do have a couple in the works that are a little hush at the moment, but they are exciting 🙂

bianca cash

Why do you think hand lettering is having such a renaissance right now?

That’s a really good question. I think people just love the rawness of it. It’s not perfect but still can look really good. It’s handcrafted. I think people really appreciate that, especially with computer design being embraced so heavily, especially in the past ten or so years.


So we have to ask…how do you feel about stationery?

I LOVE stationery. I have loved stationery since I was a little girl. I have so many notebooks that I have bought just because they were beautiful. Don’t get me started on pens and pencils…

Migoals get shit done

What are your ‘go to’ creative tools (analogue or digital)?

Music is a must.
I love Pinterest. And Instagram.
I use indian inks and at the moment my favourite brush is a Pentel water brush.
A canon scanner and then of course the Adobe Creative Suite.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Where do you go for/seek creative inspiration (or what designers or brands do you admire?)

I find myself not needing to seek creative inspiration as much as I used to or I should say I don’t feel the need to be always looking at what others are doing around me. It’s a nice place to be in.
I love a lot of different artists and designs but to name a few: Henri Matisse, Oliver Jeffers, Brett Whiteley, Ellsworth Kelly and Marion Deuchars.


You have such a collection of professional creative outlets – is anything in particular your true passion? Or have a dream project you’d love to do one day?

Thank you so much. At the moment I do have a passion project I’m quietly working on. It’s not type related but does involve pattern and illustration. I dream of starting a new business that will support and empower women in a developing country.

Bianca cash migoals

What do you think the role is for social media in your creative/business space?

Social media has a huge role in my creative business. A high percentage of freelance projects are from people who have come across me on Instagram. It has also connected me with a lot of creatives who I call friends. I really love the community Instagram has created for both business and social. It’s more than just social media.


Do you have any advice for aspiring designers in the Milligram community?

Keep creating and sharing. Don’t wait for it to be perfect.

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