Father’s Day is coming — Sunday 2 September.

Dads are a funny bunch. They can be serious or ‘punny’ (#cringe), active or creative, Mr Fix It or super hipster.

No matter what kind of dad, spoil him with a gift and card he’ll love this Father’s Day from Milligram’s fun and stylish collections.

Too hard to choose? Let dad choose for himself with a Milligram e-gift card. You can even take advantage of our gift wrapping service, complete with a handwritten tag.

We’ve put together a handy Father’s Day Gift Guide for all types of dad — and don’t forget the card!

Father’s Day — Active Dad

Never one to sit still — help along his next adventure.

Father's Day Milligram

Gift Suggestions:
MiGoals Milligram

MiGoals Bucket List Notebook

Meet Adam Jelic, the man behind MiGoals on the Milligram Journal.
Monocle Melbourne Milligram

Monocle Melbourne Travel Guide Series

Hellolulu backpack Milligram

Hellolulu Sutton All-Day Ruckpack

Traveler's Notebook Blue Milligram

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Blue — Large & Passport

LAMY pico Milligram

LAMY pico Limited Edition

When I was around 4-years-old my brother and I would constantly barge into dad’s music room while he was recording music, and we would start singing and banging our little instruments, totally ruining his recordings. But to his credit he would never get angry with us — he would continue on and in that moment enjoy playing music with his sons. Adam Jelic, MiGoals

Father’s Day — Serious Dad

You can rely on him — and he can rely on these tools.Father's Day Milligram

Gift Suggestions:

Moleskine Professional Notebook Milligram

Moleskine Professional Notebook

Milligram Studio World Map

Milligram Studio World Canvas Map

Moleskine bag Milligram

Moleskine Classic Leather Vertical Device Bag

Bellroy Notebook Cover Milligram

Bellroy Leather Notebook Cover

My father is a typical Bavarian. He wears a moustache, likes to be cozy, often looks grim and doesn’t talk much. However, behind the rough facade he is a patient listener, a tireless bedtime story reader, a technology enthusiast, a fantastic playmate, a good teacher, a loyal supporter, a strong protector. In short: an absolutely loveable, diligent and honest family man. Daniela Rosenhammer aka Mrs Redfries, Redfries

Father’s Day — Handy Dad

Forever tinkering away? If it’s broken he can fix it!

Father's Day Milligram

Gift Suggestions:

Field Notes Utility Milligram

Field Notes “Utility” Limited Edition Notebooks

House Doctor Toolbox Milligram House Doctor Steel Toolbox

Fisher Space Pen AG7 Original Astronaut Pen Milligram

Fisher Space Pen AG7 Original Astronaut Pen

Delfonics Ragner Tote Milligram

Delfonics Ragner Carry Tote Bag with Handle

As a kid we spent summer in our beach-house on the French west coast. Dad used to drive us around in a cheap convertible car named Citroen Méhari. Dad just bought the exact same car for fun (and happy memories) and drove me around last weekend, 30 years later. Maxime Brenon, Papier Tigre

Father’s Day — Creative Dad

Pen or brush always poised — help him bring out his creative spirit.

Father's Day MilligramGift Suggestions:

Appointed Artist Pad Milligram Appointed Artist Pad Plain

Milligram Studio Kaweco Notebook Fountain Pen Set Milligram

Milligram Studio x Kaweco Collaboration — Notebook & Fountain PenPalomino Volumes Guy Clarke Milligram

Palomino Volumes 1 — Guy Clarke Limited Edition

Kaweco Calligraphy Gift Set Milligram

Kaweco Calligraphy Pen Writing Set

My father has always been the driving force that helps push me to be my best. He was the most supportive father, not only by his words but rather his actions.

By immigrating to another country to make a better future for his kids or spending his nights and weekends in the cold watching me play football. There was never an occasion where he was absent, and the older I get the more I realise how important it is to have a dad like him. His support and sacrifice helped me mould myself into the person I am today. Kevin Garcia, Karst Stone Paper

Father’s Day — Hipster Day

A dad with a finger on the pulse of cool

Father's Day Milligram

Gift Suggestions:

Moleskine Super Mario Notebook Milligram

Moleskine Super Mario Limited Edition Notebook

The School of Life No One Is Normal Tote Bag Milligram

The School of Life No One Is Normal Tote Bag

Espro Travel Press Milligram

ESPRO Travel Press

Addition Studio Bath Brew Milligram

Addition Studio Bath Brew

My father is a compassionate man who radiates the most beautiful energy. He brings joy to everyone he meets. My earliest memories revolve around water — whether it be riding the back of his windsurfer, snorkelling, swimming or surfing, he has passed on his love and respect for the ocean. His excitable nature and adventurous spirit to always push the boundaries have made for incredible stories and the best childhood memories. Michelle Quinn, Milligram Studio

Don’t forget the card!

Father's Day cards Milligram

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