The Moleskine Smart Writing Set 2018 Paper Tablet Planner takes planning and the use of handwriting and technology to a whole new level!

The Moleskine Smart Planner uses the same technology as the Smart Writing Set where the specially designed Moleskine Paper Tablet notebook instantly digitised notes and sketches made on the paper. The planner enhances this experience by syncing your handwritten appointments to Google Calendar and a world of connected apps and services.

Moleskine 2019 Smart Planner MilligramMoleskine 2019 Smart Planner Milligram

How does it work?

Simply note down your plans on the page with the Moleskine smart Pen+ or smart Pen+ Ellipse (sold separately) and watch as they sync across your devices, ready for you to consult anytime, anywhere.

The Moleskine Notes app can be downloaded for free from the App Store℠, Google Play™ and Microsoft Store.

Watch this Moleskine video to see it in action:

The Smart Diary Planner is a similar system to the Smart Writing Set — the special Paper Tablet notebook, paired with the Pen+ and a companion App – enables you to digitally edit and share what you create on paper in real-time without taking a photo, uploading files or scanning documents.

The Paper Tablet feels like a notebook but is purposely designed with extended rounded edges to look like a tablet. The Pen+, a slim, aluminium pen with a hidden camera that traces and digitises everything you write. This Smart Diary Planner syncs with Google Calendar, iCal, numerous other calendar apps and a world of integrated digital planning services so that you can capture all of your plans immediately. Check for compatibility updates on

The Smart Diary/Planner features a week to a single page on the left hand side and a ruled page on the right hand side for note taking.

The free Moleskine Notes App for iPhone and Android users is a place to store notes and sketches that lets you share, export, edit and search them too.

PLEASE NOTE: The Smart Diary/Planner requires the Moleskine Pen+ or Pen+ Ellipse.

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