Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite thing

We have literally thousands of awesome products at We only pick the very best form every range. Yet we still have our favourites…and what a varied bunch of favourites it turned out to be when we recently asked the Milligram team to share their two current stationery products they can’t live without.


Scott – Co-founder of Milligram

Delfonics Rollbahn – Extra Large

This is my trusty notebook.. and old faithful. The paper is amazing quality and works well with my Kaweco Classic Fountain Pen. The size is just right for me, as I prefer a larger notebook. The pages are perfectly perforated, which is great for collaborating in meetings. Finally, the handy pockets in the back are great for sliding ‘bits and pieces’ into. I really enjoy the worn look it gets after I’ve been using it for a while too.

rollbahn notebook

Kaweco Classic

I love my classic Kaweco Limited Edition Art Sport… It was given to be as a sample from Kaweco and my first impression was that it was a little ‘Grandpa’ in the its looks department – but it’s grown on me over time! I now carry it everywhere, and couldn’t think of writing with anything else. I pair it with J. Herbin ink.

Kaweco Sport Pen


Andrew – Brand & Communication Mgr

Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen 

If words are just a medium for your ideas, then your pen is the speaker from your brain to the outside world. If, like me, you spend all day writing then the simple act of picking up an excellent pen actually demands that your brain do better and stop being cliched and lazy. Truly. The Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen is my weapon of choice for its size (pocket-sized when capped, very comfortable when writing) and smoothness over all kinds of paper. It just makes writing a more physically enjoyable experience. And red? It goes faster.

Kaweco ice pen

Rhodia Pad 18

Rhodia and I go way back. There’s a shelf crammed with multiple sizes of well-used and usually-abused Rhodia notebooks at home, and even in that state they look good. The top stapled Rhodia is a design classic, and I’ve basically settled on the No. 18 A4 as the perfect size. I love how the pre-scored cover folds neatly backwards and how every page of top quality paper is perforated to tear our easily, making it ideal for creative tantrums amongst other functions. It’s iconically French and brilliantly put together.

Rhodia pad 18



Kimberly – Marketing Manager

Palomino Blackwing

I was handed this pencil on my first day at Milligram and my first thought was “but I graduated to pen licence in primary school’”! However, after writing with this pencil for a couple of weeks, I’m a convert. Unlike other pencils I’ve used, it doesn’t smudge: It’s still lovely and soft to write with though. It has an eraser you can replace (and compulsively tinker with whilst avoiding the ‘annoy your colleagues with a noisy pen click’ scenario). This pencil also seems to take forever to go blunt – which is a plus and a minus as there’s something rather fun about sharpening a pencil! So who knew … but I think I’m more a pencil gal than a pen gal though!


Ogami Professional Exercise Book Large

Being a notebook addict from way back, I’ve always got several new candidates waiting in the drawer for their predecessor to be filled. But they’re going to have to stay there a while longer as I’m currently totally enamoured of the Ogami Professional ‘Stone’ Notebooks. This notebook is now always with me in my handbag. The paper is so soft and smooth I can’t stop talking about it, let alone writing in it. I even forced five girlfriends at a recent lunch write in it just so they could agree with me on the quality of the “paper”. Of course, it’s not actually normal paper – it’s made from stone. It’s waterproof, tear-resistant and feels almost bouncy. I prefer unlined paper, so am partial to the plain page version. It comes in black and white but I adore the teal colour – perhaps its the resemblance to Tiffany’s blue? Thankfully this is a more affordable gift for myself!



Matt Harris – Co-Founder of Milligram

Kaweco AL-Sport Aluminium Pen

This pen feels, and even looks, like a gun in my hand. Its weighty but balanced – kind of reassuring.

In my job I fly heaps and it has never leaked once. The fact I can change the colour inks easily with the pop of a cartridge stops me getting bored.

The ink flows smoothly and despite my heavy handed writing style the nib never seems to let me down.

Its tough and reliable – good things in a fountain pen I think.

(Milligram is no longer selling the Al Sport but we have a large range of Kaweco Fountain Pens).

kaweco pen

Herschel Little America Backpack

I love this so much I actually have two! One is for my overnight travel, the other for my gym kit.

Now obviously the bag looks hot – I love the contrast red stripe lining – but the reason its on my favourites list is because its such a well thought out size and function. Its tough too – my gym bag puts up with my post workout gear and has never whinged once! They both look as good as the day I bought them.

The bag I use for over night travel fits my 15′ laptop, enough spare clothes for up to two nights and the outside pocket holds my passport and keys, pen and small notebook for easy grab.

The Gym kit one holds my entry card in the outside pocket, two towels, runners, shorts, t shirt and socks – poor thing.

Hershel Little America Backpack


Jen Kruse – Buyer and Molly – Jen’s Dog

Delfonics Rollbahn Notebook

I use the Delfonics Rollbahn notebook every day because it’s perfect for combining lists, ideas, notes and sketches. The paper is beautiful and the grids bring order to a usually chaotic day!

Delfonics Pen

My second product The Delfonics pen has a precise point that is the colour and feel of a permanently sharp pencil point.

Molly does not have the ability to use our products as she does not possess the required dexterity I am sure she would agree with me though.

delfonics pen notebook


Stu – Customer Service

LT1917 Master Notebook Grid

One product that I’ve always had a soft spot for is the LT1917 Master notebook in Grid. What first drew my to it was its size: I needed an A4 book, with nice off-white paper and plenty of room for my thoughts.

Little did I realise that I’d found a great companion in this notebook. At first glance it was quite unassuming with its black hard cover. But once you start using it, you understand their slogan a bit more… the details really DO make the difference. It’s indexed and numbered pages to match give me the freedom to pretend I am organised and I know where things are. Its creamy pages are easy on the eye for those facing extended writing periods.

Leuchtturn 1917 grid

Uniball Signo Refillable

This pen looks like every other pen some would argue. It’s fairly generic and its low price point is something that one can be dismissive of. However, once you write with one of these rollerballs, you’re mind will be changed forever. The signature safe ink flows out at a stunning pace and just begs your hand to write that little more. The fact it’s refillable also makes it just that bit better. Never has this pen skipped or scratched its way across a page and writing fatigue in my wrist is a thing of the past.

My only criticism of this pen is that you’ll form a special bond with it, then Matt from the warehouse will swipe it when you have your back turned…