Any serious stationery lover never likes to be caught without a pen. Having to fish around in your bag can be both annoying and a little disorganised looking if you happen to be at a meeting. So I recently decided it was time to invest in a pencil case. After a little over a month of using it, it seemed like a good time to post a review.

Which pencil case to choose?

I wanted a case that was sturdy, practical and one that I could transfer between handbags easily (so it couldn’t be too big). I also didn’t want to spend too much, as I wasn’t 100% sure I’d actually end up really USING it. Plus I wanted it to look a little stylish, so that if I pulled it of my hangbag I didn’t look like a student.

A review of our pencils cases led me to order the Crumpler Preserved Lemon Pencil case. My first choice was a bit of a fail, however, as I didn’t QUITE pay attention to the measurements and ordered a Large. (Oops, the specifications for every product are in its listing on Milligram and I always suggest customers get out a ruler to property visualise before ordering something…so naughty me for not taking my own advice!). When it arrived, it was immediately apparent it was WAY too big for what I wanted. The large pencil case would be great on a desk or in a bigger backpack, but not great for a smallish handbag. So I had to return it and get the Medium, which was much more like what I’d pictured in my head. It was also only $14.95, so the right price too!

What does the Crumpler Preserved Lemon Pencil Case look like?

I’ve pictured the case below – with a couple of references in the second image- a ruler and our $5 note to give it some perspective. It’s not too big, not too small.



The features of the Crumpler Preserved Lemon Pencil case

The pencil case is made of quite thick/sturdy material, so it’s quite hardy. The zip is quite chunky and doesn’t feel like it’s going to break any time soon. The seams on the side are essentially re-inforced due to the construction, so they would be almost impossible to split. (I did notice when shooting for this review the stitching wasn’t going to win any awards for being straight, but it was firmly stitched!)

The pencil case has an internal pocket on the back of the case, which is smaller than the overall case, ideal for loose items. It doesn’t have gussets, but it’s still quite roomy. It’s also got the Crumpler logo stitched to the front rather prominently.




So what can this Crumpler Preserved Lemon Pencil case fit inside?

A surprising amount actually! This review was a little spontaneous, so I thought I’d show what I happened to have it in today. I’ve pictured it below and you’ll see and fairly broad assortment! It seems it’s become somewhat of a hybrid for me – part pencil case, part cosmetic bag. The only comment on it is that it could be perhaps a centimetre longer so that it would more easily fit something longer like my Blackwing – which does fit but has to be a little ‘finagled’ in on an angle.


IMG_6381 IMG_6386So would I recommend this pencil case?

To be quite honest, I haven’t used and carried a pencil case since my University days (many moons ago!). But I am really pleased with this purchase. It holds everything I need – and then some! It wasn’t expensive, it’s holding up well being tossed about in my various bags…and I can always find a pen!

So yes, I would definitely recommend if your needs were similar. If you were like our designers, who seem to carry around a lot of pens, pencils and creative tools, the small version would be too small. Oh, and I quite like the red, but I did see on a recent catalogue on our buyer’s desk that there are a couple of new colours being released by Crumpler…so I may even have to invest in a second one soon!


If you have a fave pencil case, or have a list of requirements from your own case, please share in the comments below.

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