We’re rather partial to vibrantly designed stationery at Milligram! So when redfries was introduced, we were enamoured by the cheekiness, high-quality make and sheer vivacity in their range.

Founded in 2014 by graphic designers Daniela Rosenhammer and Stipe Dujmovic (aka Mrs and Mr redfries), redfries create imaginative greeting cards, postcards, notebooks, wrapping paper and enamel pins. Made in Germany, their product materials are sourced from sustainable forestry.

We interview one of the wonderful founders of redfries, Daniela Rosenhammer, about what inspires her designs and what it’s like to go into business with her husband.

How did the idea of creating redfries begin?

Stipe and I have been running an advertising agency together for 15 years and have implemented many projects for our clients. At some point, we just felt like developing our own products that we could create in our own style and look.

The idea for greeting cards came to us when we were looking for a high quality and beautifully designed card. In 2013, the selection in Germany was still very small. The Germans don’t like to write but luckily that is changing.

Portrait of Stipe Dujmović and Daniela Rosenhammer. 

Portrait of Stipe Dujmović and Daniela Rosenhammer. Photography by Florian Hammerich

Office goals. Photography by Florian Hammerich

My personal favourite is the lucky charm cat on your cards and wrapping paper! Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

My biggest source of inspiration is clearly from travel. Megacities like Berlin, New York and Tokyo fascinate me. I always take a lot of inspiration home with me. The lucky charm, for example, was created after our trip to Japan three years ago.

Music, fashion and sometimes very banal everyday situations also cause motifs to suddenly pop up in my head.

Where did you get the name redfries from?

Haha … that’s the question I’m asked most. I love fries. As a kid I was already crazy about them. And my favourite colour is red. French fries and red: clearly redfries. Fortunately, the domain was free and the logo began to fall into place.

We love how you’ve defined the ‘fear of empty spaces’ — horror vacui in Latin. How far does this extend? Do you find yourself filling in serviettes at cafes and the back of shopping receipts?

That can happen from time to time. If an idea suddenly comes to my mind, it‘s best if I capture it immediately, otherwise I forget about it. And then I use what’s currently available.

Recently I discovered that you can also paint with the Notes app on the phone. In the end, only I am able to recognise it because it’s so scrawny, but it serves its purpose.

Redfries office

Photography by Florian Hammerich

How do you balance running your own company and also have enough time to explore your own creativity?

The creative tasks of redfries are illustration, product development and marketing. The administrative tasks are customer care, logistics, trade fair planning and accounting.

At the moment, they balance each other quite well and, frankly, I’m happy about the diversion. Should the administrative part get out of hand, I will look for help. But at the moment I am quite satisfied. Since I don’t have to adhere to the creative part and I just illustrate what comes to my mind, I can fully live my creativity. When I feel like working as a craftsman, I attend workshops like a risograph or a baking course.

redfries office

Where the ideas come to life. Photography by Florian Hammerich

You run redfries with your husband Stipe. Not many people would go into business with their spouses! What would you say is the best part about your collaboration?

Working with Stipe has advantages and disadvantages. If we argue, it’s mostly because of work. But since we spend the whole day together, we are forced to get along immediately. Problems are discussed, nothing is outstanding.

One of the many advantages is that we experience everything together, have many common interests, and understand what is happening to the other. Our happiness, stress and success curves are the same. After so many years, we are a well-rehearsed team.

During our lunch break, we go home (we live one house further) and cook together. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What’s next for redfries?

Phew, good question. There are no detailed plans. Redfries was an adventure for me from the beginning. I have experienced and learned so many new things. I hope it stays that way. And I still have many products on my list I want to implement. The most important goal, however, is that the work is fun and I can make a living out of it.

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