We do love a new pen brand at Milligram! Much of our love does go to fountain pens, but having an ever-practical ballpoint on hand is key to practical living. A trusty ballpoint is a true go-anywhere pen — planes, handbags, pockets. All the better if the ballpoint pen looks good and is affordable, as go-anywhere can also mean ‘disappear easily’. That’s why the whole office was abuzz when Ballograf ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils joined the range — I couldn’t wait to try one and write a Ballograf review.

Ballagraf ballpoint pens at milligram stationery

Ballograf review

Ballograf is a Swedish pen brand — with all the pens still made in Sweden by a team of around 35 dedicated people. Founded in 1945, the company now creates 4 million pens annually!

The stand-out of this range for me is the amazing range of colours! And they are super affordable. But of course, they also need to write well!

I tested two ballpoint pens in the range — the Ballograf Rondo Soft and the Ballograf Epoca. The refill/writing element of both pens are identical, but the pen bodies are different.

Ballograf Epoca

Ballograf Epoca yellow

Ballograf Epoca – Styling

These pens have a lovely finish, with a fluted top half and smooth bottom. It’s a smooth and glossy plastic finish. They come in a big range of colours — Milligram are stocking 14 of these.

You open and close the pen with a click action. There is a sound made when you click.

Ballograf Epoca – Writing experience

The refill/writing element of both pens are identical. The body is slightly larger than the Rondo, so sits nicely in your grip. However, the Epoca felt very light in the hand for me. The pen point is a medium and writes quite smoothly, with none of the ‘scratchiness’ I’ve experienced with some budget pens.

The great thing about these pens is the ink refills in every Epoca writes for 8000m, which means you don’t need to worry about refilling your pens for a while — perfect for us busy people!

Ballograf Rondo

Ballograf Turqoise Rondo Pen

Ballograf Rondo Soft – Styling

These pens have a rubberised body and are smoothly rounded. Whilst this pen didn’t look quite as stylish as the Epoca, I found that I enjoyed the feel of it more in my hand. Perhaps it felt more stable due to the rubber finish? Ten of the colours are carried at Milligram.com.

You open and close the pen with a click action. There is a sound made when you click.

Ballograf Rondo Soft – Writing experience

Whilst this is a very slim pen, I liked the feel of the rubber body as it kept my grip secure. It also had a little more weight than the Epoca, which I prefer. The pen point is a medium and writes quite smoothly, with none of the ‘scratchiness’ I’ve experienced with some budget pens.

Just like the Epoca, the ink refill in the Rondo Soft writes for 8000m.

Writing sample – Ballograf Epoca and Rondo Soft

As the actual writing mechanism of the pens is the same, the writing output is identical. I tried them against a LAMY noto and, as you can see from the sample below, the look of the writing is extremely similar. The pens all feature a ‘medium’ pen point size.

Ballograf writing test

Ballograf Review Summary

I recently moved desks at the Milligram office — and found 17 pens in my drawer! They included LAMY, Kaweco, Pilot, Delfonics and HIGHTIDE — plus the odd orphan collected on my travels from hotels.


  • Price! These pens are very affordable.
  • Colour range is very extensive.
  • Consistent writer — many “cheap” ballpoint pens cut out regularly, making them frustrating. Not so with the Ballograf pens!


  • Epoca: Very light in the hand, so if you like a ‘weighty’ pen, this won’t suit you.

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