Lots of people love the document inks from De Atramentis – they’re one of very few actually available on the market, are truly permanent inks and they don’t clog your fountain pen (although we do still advise cleaning every 2-3 months). But we are also pretty excited about the De Atramentis range of bottled ink colours – because it’s mammoth. There are over thirty inks we’ll be stocking at Milligram in the standard ink range alone! Check out some of the gorgeous array of colours below – swoon worthy really.

ink-range-warmink-range-blue-greenink range grey black

Other than just looking great, we also thought you might like some insight into how it performs!

We happened to have a spare bottle of the Fog Grey ink, so we enlisted the help of Dion, our pen expert, to get a feel for how the ink performs. For this mini-review we used a LAMY Safari fountain pen with a 1.1 italic nib. We used a Delfonics Rollbahn notebook, which has off white, gridded pages of fountain pen friendly paper.

fog grey

Dion’s comments on De Atramentis Fog Grey Standard Ink

COLOUR: I’m a big fan of the colour – it’s grey with the slightest hint of blue (the bottle of ink may have found its way back to my desk after this review!) When first applied to paper it looks darker than when it dries, but it dries in a lovely grey colour.

DRYING TIME: This ink dried completely in 20 seconds, which is really quite fast. As such, we didn’t keep testing past 20 seconds.


FEATHERING: No noticeable feathering across the test, although I did see a little when writing the very small numbers above. No other noticeable feathering or bleed.

SHOW THROUGH: There was a little show through, especially when I used a lot of ink on the colour swatch areas. However, when writing, there was no difference in show through (on this same paper) to using a normal LAMY pen with standard LAMY ink cartridge.

INK FLOW: Really smooth, I’d compare the experience to writing with LAMY bottled ink. I found the ink so similar as to be practically identical in terms of viscosity.

CONSISTENCY: The ink was really consistent in colour throughout the strokes.

SUMMARY: I was impressed with the performance of this ink, it worked as well as my LAMY inks and I’d consider them one of the best inks on the market. I’d like to try this out with different nibs, but first impressions were great!

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