We take this Milligram Meeting Book to a meeting — and see how it performs!

Do you ever feel like you go to way too many meetings and still don’t get anything done?! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this feeling. In an effort to get more from my meetings, I tested the new Milligram Studio Meeting Book to see if it could add some organisational value to my meetings. I wanted to see if it will stop my notes from getting ‘lost’ in my everyday notebook. Here’s a review of the Milligram Meeting Book, part of the new Milligram Studio Organisation Series.

Styling —Milligram Meeting Book

As with everything the Milligram Studio team produces, the styling is top notch. It’s pared-back and modern, but with creative flourishes like the adorning silver moon and the neon accents inside. It’s a bit more fun to use and not something you’ll be embarrassed whipping out for a meeting.

The Milligram Studio Meeting Book comes in two colours — a black cover with black stitching, and the bright Milligram Studio blue cover with blue stitching. The card cover is lightly textured on the outside, keeping your notes protected. The version in this review is the black cover; however the interior pages are identical. The book is B5 – I size I love using (lots of Japanese brands produce B5) but isn’t as common in the Australian market. (The meeting book is part of a 3-part organisation series and they’re all B5.)

Page Layout — Milligram Meeting Book

The inside pages are an off-white with grey ruling and dot grid, featuring neon headers and sections. It’s an unusual mix of subtle and bright, which works really well. The left layout has sections for you to complete: title, date, who’s attending the meeting, discussion points and actions to take. The facing page is free for notes and ideas, using a mix of dot grid and ruled. If you are a visual thinker, I think you’d really appreciate this free-form page for sketching or mind-mapping etc.

There is also a blank, eight-page spread at the rear of the book with a space for a date and is great for additional notes. Milligram Meeting Book - Close up

Milligram Meeting Book - Close up

Using the Milligram Meeting Book

Using the book for a meeting, I found it was a logical layout and worked well. I’ve taken ‘real’ notes from a meeting below (don’t judge my messy handwriting!) to ensure it was practical and clear. This will come in handy for when I need to go back to previous meeting notes and create an action plan. But it would need to always be with your ‘everyday’ notebook, or you’d potentially miss actions, unless you transferred them to a daily or weekly ‘to do’ list, in a pad or perhaps a bullet journal.

Milligram meeting book - used for meeting

Paper quality & pen performance

The paper is lovely, smooth and FSC certified. The paper is fountain pen friendly and doesn’t bleed or feather. However, I did find there was quite a bit of show-through when using my medium-nibbed LAMY pen.

There was considerably less show-through when I tested it with a ballpoint (both pictured below). It would be down to personal taste as to which pen you use. If show-through bothers you, and you have an ink fountain pen, I’d suggest sticking to ballpoint. Similarly, the LAMY fountain pen ink I used on the page didn’t dry particularly quickly — so if you drag your hand across the page when you write, you might also experience some smudging.

Milligram meeting book - show through fountain pen

Milligram studio meeting book

Milligram Meeting book dry time

Milligram Meeting Book Review Summary

Overall I enjoyed using this Meeting book because of the structure to the layout ensuring I captured useful meeting elements. I could definitely see myself using it ongoing.


  • Cool styling — love the cover, love the neon (other meeting books can be a bit ‘daggy’…to use a very Aussie term there!)
  • Practical page spreads — useful for meetings
  • Affordable pricing ($14.95)


  • Some show-through using inky fountain pens
  • Non-standard B5 size may not appeal to everyone

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