We invited blogger and horticulturalist Bonnie-Marie of The Gardeners Notebook to review for Milligram the Moleskine Passions Garden Box Set and Moleskine Click Ballpoint Pen 1.0mm. Read on for her full review.


In the Moleskine Passions Garden Box Set you get two books, the first being your gardener’s diary/journal and ‘Gardening Pockets’ book. Included in your ‘Gardening pockets’ is 6 large and 6 small seed envelopes, which I have found handy for collecting seeds from around my garden. I really like that these envelopes are re-sealable making them re-usable. The ‘gardening pockets’ book reminds me of an expanding file case, making it easy to store and organise your seed envelopes.


I have been using this set for the last few weeks and have found it to be very useful. I must admit I didn’t have huge expectations, mainly because all the other journals I have tried over the years have been a bit of a letdown. But I was pleasantly surprised when I first flipped through the Moleskine gardening journal. The sections throughout the journal are well laid out. There are five main components in the book the first being plants, then followed by Pots/tools, Design, Visits and Garden log. Also included are illustrations of all the different growth habits of trees/shrubs and foliage types with the correct terminology, useful information for any gardener. There are also pages in which you can free sketch ideas or stick some photos in that you have taken for inspiration. I was really impressed to see pages dedicated to plant dimensions at maturity and pot sizes and their use. Also provided is the Hardiness Zone map of Africa, North and Central America, South America, Asia and Oceania (Australia/ New Zealand). You can tell that there has been a lot of consideration taken as to what a horticulturist, student or even an avid gardener would need and would like to record in their garden diaries.

I find myself mainly using the plants component of the journal. I have been recording a lot of my cacti and succulents that I have been propagating along with their cultural notes. I particularly like how the plant component is laid out. Surprisingly there are areas to fill out about months of interest, availability, companion planting, hardiness zones that relate to the country maps and much more. Moleskine garden box set


If I had to give some criticism it would be that I would have liked to have seen more seed envelops included in the bundle. It is really easy to use up the 12 packets on just a few plants. In regards to the journal itself, it is difficult to say anything bad about it. But I will say that although the design component is good in theory but practically there really isn’t enough space to draw a rough landscape design. It truly is a well designed journal that provides plenty of sections for all types of gardening methods and notes. I believe any student who may be studying horticulture or landscape design would find the journal to be useful. It is a good way to document information and inspirational ideas. As for the common gardener it is a great way for them to record the different activities that may be occurring in the garden and a good way to start learning more about plants. Lastly, as a qualified Horticulturist, this journal has pretty much everything I would want in a gardening journal. I have already shown and recommended this Moleskine Passions gardening journal set to colleagues and friends and would definitely recommend it to you.

The Pen: The Moleskine click ball pen 1.0mm is square in shape and thin, allowing it to slip into my pockets and bag with ease – what more could you want from a pen! The shape may look uncomfortable to use but I personally found it to sit comfortably in my hand. But I do have small hands so I had my brother test this pen out. In his hands the pen was slightly narrow making it slightly uncomfortable to use. But we both agreed the ink flows smoothly and consistently making it reliable so you don’t have to worry about that patchy ink you get from some pens.

About the author: Bonnie-Marie


Hi I am Bonnie-Marie. I am 21 years old and a fully qualified Horticulturist. From a young age I have always been fascinated by plants and was always intrigued as to why they looked the way they did. I have grown up with a family who enjoys gardening and camping. I first started teaching myself about plants at the age of 10 and my fascination continued to grow over the years. At the age of 16 I was offered an apprenticeship at Gardenworld Nursery, which I accepted, and left high school to start working full time in 2010.

Whilst working full-time and doing my apprenticeship studies I completed a Diploma of Horticulture. I was awarded apprentice of the year by the Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria in 2012. Due to my award I was invited onto the 3AW radio program ‘The Big Backyard’ with Darren James and Jane Edmondson for an interview. I have recently been invited back onto the show to talk about gardens and give advice about plants. In 2013 I got an early release from my apprenticeship and completed my diploma. Earlier this year I was promoted to the position of seedling manager and buyer at Gardenworld Nursery. Gardening is all about learning as you go, and it is truly rewarding. If you are interested I have a gardening blog which I post a lot my photography and gardening adventures to: www.gardenersnotebook.wordpress.com