A new diary is a great chance for a fresh start. If you’re ready to start fresh in July, then an 18 month diary is just the trick! Moleskine produce some of the most popular diaries at Milligram, in both 12 month and 18 month varieties. The 2017 Moleskine 18 month diaries (also referred to as “20162017 Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner”) recently arrived on our shores. So we thought a review of 2016 – 2017 Moleskine 18 month diary would be helpful in deciding if this was the right diary for you.

Review of 2016 – 2017 Moleskine 18 Month Diary Planner

The range of 2016–2017 Moleskine 18 Month diary planners encompasses soft and hard covers, several sizes and six colours. The first arrivals are in black and scarlet red, with the four seasonal colours – Malachite Green, Grape Violet, Coral Orange and Steel Blue – arriving soon. The interior layout is largely “Weekly notebook”, with two options only in “Weekly horizontal”. Other than the weekly layouts, all the other interior pages featured are identical.

Moleskine 2016 - 2017 18 month diaries

Look & Feel

This range is classic Moleskine – the same curved edges, elastic closure and overall look of the perennially popular Moleskine classic notebook. These diaries are stylish and understated, with some of the seasonal colours a tad brighter if you like to make more of a statement.

The paper is lovely and smooth, the same as the Moleskine notebooks. It’s acid-free and has the off-white finish also featured within the classic notebooks. However, it’s not fountain pen friendly or ideal for pens that release a lot of ink (like some rollerballs), so it would best suit someone who writes in ballpoint or pencil.

Each diary also comes with three sheets of stickers that can provide some great visual shortcuts if used consistently.


There are two key layouts in the 2016 – 2017 Moleskine 18 month diary range.

1. The weekly notebook layout. This features a weekly calendar on one side of the layout and a notes page facing.

moleskine weekly notebook diary layout

2. The weekly horizontal layout. This shows each week as fully divided across the layout, giving you more space on each day to record plans or thoughts.

Moleskine weekly horizontal layout


To really see how a diary works, you need to start writing in it! I use a diary for forward planning, rather than journalling, so I’ve taken this approach. You’ll see below I’ve used two of the layouts in the dairy – the monthly summary layout and the weekly layout notebook.

The monthly summary can simply be used for checking ahead on dates, but it can also work with some basic forward planning, which I’ve demonstrated below. This is where the stickers really come into their own, as there is limited space to write.


The weekly notebook layout is what I would find the most useful. I really like this layout when I don’t have a day with ‘back to back’ meetings. A normal week might have a few specific meetings but quite a long ‘to do’ list, which is where this sort of format works the best. You have quite a lot of room to work with in this layout, and the stickers can also add some handy quick references.Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-interior-completed

Who would these diaries suit?

These are great ‘everyday’ diaries for people seeking a functional, classic diary. They’re much nicer quality, styling and paper-wise than the offering you get at newsagents or big-box stores. But they’re also still affordable – and of course, an 18 month diary is instantly better value than a 12 month diary. So they’d suit all sorts of people, from professionals to students to someone running a household.

These would be a great business diary, unless you have a heavily scheduled day that needs space for hourly appointments.

If you like to stuff a LOT of ‘bits and pieces’ in your diary, this isn’t for you. Whilst there is a pocket in the back, and an elastic closure, you’d be limited to 10–15 receipts before it would make the diary bend out of shape.

Review of 2016 – 2017 Moleskine 18 month diary: Pros

– This is a well considered diary with excellent finishes, paper and content

– You get lots of value in an 18 month diary compared to a 12 month – plus a longer planning horizon if you’re the organised type

– The professional look, especially with black or steel blue, make this ideal for a work diary

Review of 2016 – 2017 Moleskine 18 month diary: Cons

– If you need to record lots of daily appointments, you’d likely run out of room in the weekly notebook format

– The paper isn’t fountain pen friendly

Inside page-by-page tour of 2017 Moleskine 18 Month Diary

All the 2016–2017 Moleskine 18 Month diaries follow the same interior page sequence, with the only variation being the actual weekly layout. So we’ve pictured all the spreads below, in order, to give you a more complete picture of what you’ll find inside.

Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-1 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-2 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-3

Monthly summary spreads run from July to December 2016, then there’s an annual summary page before monthly spreads again run from January to December 2017.

Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-4

Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-5 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-9 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-8 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-7 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-6 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-10 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-11 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-12 Weekly double page spreads commence and run from July 2016 through to December 2017.Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-13

Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-14After all the weekly layouts finish, you have a few pages of empty notes pages.
Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-15 Moleskine-2017-18-month-diary-layout-16

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