We were beyond excited at Milligram HQ when we received the news that we’d be placing Robert Oster Signature Inks on our virtual shelves! We are also proud to be supporting an Australian, hand-made brand, which is bringing joy, inspiration and triumph on the world stage.

The colours within the Robert Oster Signature Inks collection embody the true Australian pallet and are reminiscent of landmarks, cultures and feelings that surround us in our breathtakingly beautiful – and sometimes harsh – natural environment. We’ve previously chatted to Robert Oster about where he finds his inspiration on the blog.

One colour in particular caught our attention: Fire & Ice. Why? Because on the right paper this blue ink can produce an incredible red sheen, thus the name “Fire and Ice”. We had to see it for ourselves and give it a go on some of our favourite papers!

Robert Oster ink

Review of the Robert Oster Signature Inks: Fire & Ice

If you like a bit of magic to your ink, then this colour is for you! If you prefer your blue to be a bit more serious, then it might be wise to look at others within the collection, but we’re sure you’ll admire its traits.


The ink comes in a 50ml recyclable PET plastic bottle that is lightweight, easy to transport and makes a nice gift to your pen pal as you’ll be reassured it won’t break in transit.

The bottle has two golden stickers on each side of the bottle: one with Robert Oster’s logo and the other offers an introduction to the brand. The top of the lid has a white sticker indicating the colour and provides a small sample, so you’re able to discern how the colour will behave.

Robert Oster ink

Fire and Ice

Writing with the Robert Oster Signature Inks: Fire & Ice

The predominant colour of this ink is blue, which lends itself toward a shade of turquoise and, if you’re using the right paper, you’ll discover an incredible red sheen that appears around the edges and speckle through your text and doodling.

Note the operative if here, because on some heavier paper stock the red sheen won’t appear. For instance, you’ll notice on the below image the red does not appear where the ink was used on a heavy Life Stationery Word Card Memo Block.

Robert Oster ink

We gave this ink colour a go with a LAMY fountain pen with a 1.5mm italic nib on the Tomoe River Paper Pad, Rhodia Pad #18 and HIGHTIDE Penco Foolscap notebook.

Tomoe River Paper Pad

The paper from Tomoe River is known for its exquisite, ultra thin, smooth 52gsm delicate pages that are fountain pen friendly with an unusually high resistance to bleed-through and feathering.

We had a bit of fun testing with this paper, finding a poem from Robert Frost on Fire and Ice that was a perfect match to our new ink friend! The red sheen shows up sporadically throughout the text and really glistens off the page when held up against the light.

Tomoe River - Fire and Ice, Robert Oster

Fire and Ice - Tomoe River

Close up.

No show-through:
Tomoe River - Fire and Ice - Robert Oster

Note that the ink is not waterproof, which you’ll notice from the drying time, which took up to 12 seconds. When using a paint brush on the Tomoe River, the blue and red hues really shine. The sheen shows itself best in the ink splats, which are truly magical on the page.

Fire and Ice

Robert Oster Fire and Ice


The ink used on the brush and the ink expelled directly on the paper does show-through the Tomoe River paper.
Robert Oster Fire and Ice

We had a bit of fun and placed a few drops of the ink in a spray bottle – what a great effect this has and would look perfect on an invitation or poster.


Rhodia Pad #18

The first and foremost thing to mention about the Rhodia Pad is how beautiful it is to write on and how easily the ink flowed across the coated page.

Fire and Ice, Rhodia

Fire and Ice, Rhodia

The only show-through that comes through is where the ink was expelled directly on the page.Fire and Ice, Rhodia

Again, the red sheen decided to show itself sporadically throughout the text and more so when the nib was pressed a little firmer to the page. A big plus with the Rhodia Pad is how quickly the ink dries on the page, within three seconds the ink had completely dried.

Oh, and really get a good look at those blotches that were created by expelling a few drops of ink on the page – the red sheen really engulfs that blue like a fire!

HIGHTIDE Penco Foolscap Notebook

This HIGHTIDE Penco Foolscap fountain pen friendly notebook was interesting to write on – read our review of this notebook on the blog. Initially the red sheen did not present itself, but as the colour dried on the page it started to appear and became more evident over time.

The ink took a little while to settle on the page, our drying time indicated it took 10 seconds to completely dry.

Fire and Ice, HIGHTIDE

You’ll notice there is minimal show-through.

Fire and Ice, HIGHTIDE

Comparing other blues within the Robert Oster Signature Inks collection: Robert Oster inkRobert Oster ink Robert Oster InkRobert Oster Ink


Fire & Ice within the Robert Oster Signature Inks collection is a sure pleaser and one that’ll be coveted for a long while yet. The ink colour is fun, magical and mesmerising, it will perform well on high quality paper and even better on a lighter paper stock that’s sure to capture its full effect.


– affordable price of $16.95 per 50ml bottle

– non-toxic ink that is handmade in Australia in an unbreakable, recyclable PET plastic bottle produced through totally carbon neutral processes

– magical colour that will bring pleasure and fun to your writing


– not all paper will take the full blue and red sheen of this ink

– a large range of colours, hard to select one

– slender ink bottle may mean having to transfer them to containers when ink starts to run low

– not water-proof so slightly longer drying time

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