Rhodia notebooks, from France, enjoy an international cult following. They are loved by artists, writers, designers and stationery addicts across the globe. These economical pads are favoured for their grids, smooth paper and unique scored cover which folds back neatly. Importantly, all Rhodia paper is also acid-free and ink-friendly. Rhodia notebooks have been recognisable by their iconic orange and black cover…until now! Now there is Rhodia Ice.

To celebrate their 80th anniversary year, Rhodia has designed a new notepad : A white cover with silver logo pad. The range’s tres cool name is: Rhodia Ice.


The Rhodia Ice range still sports the same benefits, including the stiff back cover that makes writing easy and portable and the perforated pages that make removing them simple and neat. There are six sizes in the Rhodia Ice white range.

  • Rhodia Ice Pad #11 74mm x 105mm
  • Rhodia Ice Pad #12 85mm x 120mm
  • Rhodia Ice Pad #13 A6
  • Rhodia Ice Pad #16 A5
  • Rhodia Ice Pad #18 A4
  • Rhodia Ice Pad #19 Legal Pad

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And exclusively on Milligram in Australia you can also nab the Rhodia Ice Silver ‘Cover with Jotter’.

This PU cover is in a fashionable metallic silver – and inside you’ll find the a Rhodia Ice #16 pad in white with a grid ruling, along with a pen loop attached to the cover, this is the perfect cover for on the go. This pad cover snaps shut smoothly with a magnetic closure, adding a sleek touch of sophistication. There is also a #13 Pad version.


The Rhodia story

Like to know a little more about Rhodia? Rhodia was started by brothers Henri and Robert Verilhac in Lyon in 1934.

The notebooks quickly became a bestseller, eclipsing other products on the market with their quality paper and superior design.

Shortly after the growing company moved to Sechilienne, a town in the French Alps where the river Rhone flows – and delivered the inspiration for the name Rhodia!

What’s a notebook without famous fans? Rhodia’s include director Francis Ford Coppola, fashion icon Paul Smith, and Hermes exclusive in-house perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena.

These notebooks weren’t just born in France – they’re still made in France. Every Rhodia notebook begins with 80 sheets of smooth, premium, acid-free paper, each with micro-perforations allowing for clean page removal. Encasing the notebook is a scored front cover that folds back neatly, with a hard coated backing board gives durability.

Ensuring every measure is taken to minimise impact on the environment, all Rhodia notebooks and notepads are recyclable, biodegradable and created with materials harvested from certified sustainable forests.

Shop Rhodia and Rhodia Ice on Milligram.




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