We typically set goals, priorities and resolutions at the start of the year. Though, let’s face it, we hardly see them through to the end of the year, right? Sometimes we’re lucky if we see them through to the end of January!

The reason many of our goals fall short is due to a lack of planning on how we’re planning to achieve them — and not checking in on our own progress to ensure we are on the same path to our goals. This is where Australian stationery brand, MiGoals tries to help.

MiGoals range is purpose-created for setting, following and achieving your goals. No matter how big or small, boring or crazy, MiGoals is made to make every day count! Read our interview with MiGoals founder, Adam Jelic on the blog.

The smart range acts like a personal goal-keeper, coach and motivational speaker to help keep you on track!

Let’s explore the range learn how to set goals and prioritise with MiGoals…

Progress Journal

MiGoals Progress Journal

Small steps. Big Achievements.

It can be difficult to notice the small steps we make each day towards our goals. The MiGoals Progress Journal allows you to see what you’ve done and how far you’ve come through daily task tracking, nightly prompts to stay focused, reflection and monthly progress reviews.

The Progress Journal also makes a great reference when you’re looking back and checking how you reached your goals.

MiGoals Progress Journal

Mi Notes

MiGoals MiNotes

Ideas. Action. Purpose.

Take your notes from ideas to action with Mi Notes, record your goals — big and small — in the Goals Book that is indexed to help keep you focused on what’s important. The Mi Notes notebook has plenty of room to write and brainstorm plus space to track the key things you need to know and do and tick things off!

MiGoals MiNotes

Goals Book

MiGoals Goals Book

Dream Big. Plan Big. Achieve Big.

A Goals Book can help you identify then reach your short, medium and long-term goals — a motivational tool to help you meet your aspirations and take the action you need.

Tips and quotes will motivate and guide you throughout along with plenty of pages for note-taking and idea-tracking.

MiGoals Goals Book

Bucket List

MiGoals Bucket List

Don’t think — just do.

Consider 100 things you’d like to do before you kick the bucket and put together everything on your bucket list… then start working through that list.

The Bucket List notebook comes in a great format to explore the ideas and qualities that motivate you and can help you achieve your goals.

MiGoals Bucket List

Get Sh*t Done

MiGoals Get Shit Done Notebooks

Stop dreaming and make things happen every day with the fun and direct Get Sh*t Done notebooks.

As the opening pages predict: “There are two type of people in this world. The ones who simply talk and dream of success and the ones who go out there, chase their dreams and get shit done!”

Half to-do list, half notebook, the Get Shit Done notebook is the perfect size to take with you wherever you go to stay on track to achieving your goals!

MiGoals Get Shit Done Notebooks

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