Mother’s Day is sometimes criticised for being too commercial, but we think it’s still an important day because of the sentiment behind it.

You get a chance to spend some time with, or show some appreciation to, the woman who you wouldn’t exist without. Even if there’s been some tough times, over the years she’s fed you, washed you, guided you, paid for you, put up with your moods, helped you through crisis and even if you don’t see her often, she’s likely even still your emergency contact!

So if you’re looking to make this Mother’s Day a little more fun or creative, we’ve put together five fun ideas for Mother’s Day. (And if you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift — Sunday 14 May, 2017 — then Milligram have put together 30 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day too.)

1. Design a “wine & cheese” matching session

Get a little flash and make Mother’s Day a bit of an event with a wine & cheese afternoon on Mother’s Day. You can do some research before, picking 3-4 different cheese varieties and then find a matching wine for each. You can then visit your local deli and wine shop to prepare.

A lush wine works well with creamy cheeses, while an acidic wine will cut the cheese’s sweetness. As you begin to experiment, taste the cheese first by itself, to get a sense of its character, and then put another bite into your mouth with some wine to see how they mingle.

Oh, and remember to book mum a taxi or uber home!

A few sample match ideas for Mother’s Day:

  • Camembert & Champagne
  • Mozeralla & Sauvignon Blanc
  • Gouda & Merlot
  • Blue & Reisling

(For more tips, try Cheese Matters or Wine Folly’s Tasting Notes.)

wine cheese

Image Source: Wine Folly

2. Create a sweet treats morning tea

If mum is more into sweet than savoury, you could instead host a fancy, lady-like morning tea. Think pretty china, a range of teas (or perhaps a cheeky bellini) and some home-made sweet treats.

You could try your hand at scones, macaroons, cupcakes, meringues. Or if all that seems a little too tricky, hit up your local bakery!

tea party

Image source: Glorious Treats

(And if you want to make some pretty bunting like the main image at the top of the story, visit Blissfully Domestic for a DIY)

3. Cook her lunch and present her with a recipe journal or recipe tin with family/friend recipe contributions

If your mum enjoys cooking, then she’ll always appreciate being given great recipes. But you can make a special gift of collecting recipes of family members and friends and presenting these to her. You can email, Facebook or call people and ask for their most favourite, simple or traditional recipe, ensuring you get directions and measurements. If you can get a little bit of a ‘story’ to go with the recipe, even better!

You can then present the handwritten collection to her over a lunch or dinner, ideally a meal that you’re cooking from one of the great recipes! You can put the recipes together first in a pretty recipe binder or recipe tin.


Image Source: Milligram’s Rifle Paper Co Recipe Tin

4. Schedule a day trip or drive that takes in some family history spots and present her with a photo album

These days it seems all our photos are digital — so go a little ‘old school’ and print out some new and old pics and present to her in an album. You could create a themed album, like “family holidays” to “family disasters” to “worst family hair moments”. You can get even more creative and decorate with washi tape, add in news clips or tickets or even song lyrics — anything to evoke the memories!

O-Check album

Image Source: O-Check Design Graphics album from Milligram

5. Write her a thank-you list for everything you’re grateful for (and see if you can make her cry!)

Most of us probably know our mum has done a LOT for us, but we’ve never taken much time to really express our specific thanks. So take some time out to consider all the things that she’s done over the years that you’d like to say thank you for. Then write her a list that you read to her — or put in a letter or a card – of all these things to present to her. Ensure it’s on lovely paper and your nicest writing to add the extra-personal touch.

Need somewhere to start your list? Maybe it’s thanks for for sewing endless sequins on your calisthenics costumes, or for that ice-cream cake you begged to have for your 8th birthday, or for helping pay off your credit card that time, or for babysitting your kids regularly. When you sit down and ponder, we’re sure you’ll find there’s a pretty long list to write! Oh, and bonus points for making her cry (happy tears!) with this one.

Kate Spade journal

Image source: Kate Spade Word to the Wise Lemon Ruled Journal from Milligram

6. Make mum a family tree

This one might take a little research, or you may already be the family’s historian! You can start with the National Archives or with a service like Putting together a family tree is a lovely gift that reminds her of her place in everyone’s life. If you don’t want to go too far back, you could even just keep it to a few generations and make a pictorial family tree.


Image source: Papier Tigre – The Family Tree from Milligram.

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