We are so pleased to have the lovely Bec from crafty blog Handmade & Home posting for Milligram today, lending her creative hand to six ways to use washi tape to make a brown paper wrapped parcel sing! Over to Bec…


Thanks so much to Milligram for having me here today! I’m Bec and I’m addicted to craft. I live in a beautiful corner of Great Southern Western Australia with my family, and I love to crochet, knit, sew & get creative with paper. There are many more crafts I’ve tried at least once (and usually failed at!), but these are my favourites – I try to fit a little bit of creativity into every day. I blog about my crafty endeavors over at ‘handmade & home’, and I also love to share behind-the-scenes pictures over on Instagram @handmadebec. Occasionally, you might also see me at a local craft market selling some of my handmade wares!

1 Notemaker Washi DIY title image

‘…Brown paper packages tied up with strings…These are a few of my favourite things!’

Who doesn’t love a brown paper package tied up with string? With all of the amazing washi tapes to choose from now, it’s even easier to turn that brown paper package into something special! The best part is, you don’t even need to be crafty – the washi tape does the decorative work for you. After spending time (and perhaps money) selecting the perfect gift for you recipient, why not spend another few minutes to create a beautiful gift wrap that’s sure to make them smile?

Today we’re sharing 6 easy ways to gift wrap with washi tape – and brown paper & string!

2 Notemaker Washi DIY supplies


– String or twine – we used O-Check Spool of String in Linen
– MT Masking Tape in assorted colours and widths – we used Wide Butterfly, Stripe Silver, Line Fabric in Blue, Pink Flower & assorted thin washi tapes
– Decorative wrapping paper – we used Rifle Paper Co. Wrapping Paper in Midnight Floral
– Brown paper
– Assorted paper craft / scrapbooking decorations

Washi Tape Wrap #1

This is a really simple and pretty way to decorate a plain package.

Place lengths of washi tape in different colours and widths horizontally and vertically around your wrapped gift. Instead of wrapping your string traditionally, tie it off-centered over the washi tape.

3 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap one 4 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap one[1]

Washi Tape Wrap #2

This simple wrap also lets the washi tape shine!

Place the washi tape diagonally across the package, varying colours and thicknesses for interest. Finish off with a classic string bow and gift tag.

5 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap two 6 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap two

Washi Tape Wrap #3

This technique requires a little more patience, but it’s worth it!

You can create washi tape stickers to decorate your brown paper package, all you need is a paper punch – just make sure you have washi tape wide enough for the punch.

We used a heart shape punch and here’s how:

7 Notemaker Washy DIY wrap three collage

On a sheet of tracing paper, punch your shape and then align a strip of washi tape next to your shape as shown (this is so you can line up your punch correctly when you punch your sticker). Don’t affix the washi tape too firmly as this will make it easier to remove from the tracing paper later. Continue to punch through the washi tape and tracing paper – you might need to press a little harder than normal so that the punch cuts through the washi tape cleanly. Remove each punch as you go so that it doesn’t get crumpled. Trim any rough edges if needed.

When you have the desired number of stickers, remove the tracing paper from the back of the washi tape. This can be a little tricky – a fingernail can come in handy! If you find this too frustrating, you can always use a little glue on the back of the tracing paper and stick it to the wrap that way instead.

8 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap three 9 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap three
Washi Wrap #4

This wrapping idea is super cute – and really easy too!

Cut a length of string that will wrap around your package. Add little washi tape bunting flags by folding short lengths of washi tape together over the string. Trim into a triangle shape as shown:

10 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap four

Repeat for the desired number of flags and then wrap string around package, tying off at the back. If your flags won’t lie completely flat, use a small amount of glue to stick them down.

11 Notemaker Washi DIYwrap four 12 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap four

Washi Wrap #5

This wrap combines the simplicity of brown paper with a stunning gift wrap paper. You could also use a favourite scrapbooking paper, or even recycle a magazine page.

Overlap a piece of the decorative wrapping paper over the brown paper, securing at the back with tape. Add a simple string bow and use a few pieces of washi tape to affix the paper and string together. To finish off, add a gift tag decorated with matching washi tape. Mix up the thicknesses and colours and then add a handwritten note – or use letter stickers as shown:

13 Notemaker Washi wrap five 14 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap five
Washi Wrap #6

This wrap is all about layering – with the added feature of a cute washi tape peg.

Using a decorative paper (as with wrap #5), add to your package – slightly off centre this time. Add washi tape along the sides to affix the paper. You could add a length of lace like we’ve done here too. Tie with string – off centre over the decorative paper.

Instead of adding the gift tag to the bow, make a washi tape covered peg like shown below, and use it to attach the tag to the string. It’s cute – and reusable!

15 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap six collage 16 Notemaker Washi DIY wrap six

We hope this has inspired you to create some beautiful gift wrapping for those you love. The possibilities are truly endless with washi tape and brown paper & string!

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