There are a lot of self-confessed stationery addicts at Milligram…but could we be even MORE tech addicted than stationery addicted?

In putting together a bit of a feature on our many fabulous “tech support” products at Milligram (like Phone covers and headphones), we came across some pretty astounding statistics!

Five startling facts about how tech addicted we’re becoming

  1. The average person checks their smartphone 110 times a day (according to one study) – another study had it as high as 150 times a day!
  2. Cisco forecast there would be more internet-connected mobile devices such as smartphones and 3G tablets than people in the world before the end of 2013! Somewhat disturbingly, the UN estimates more people actually have access to smartphones than toilets.
  3. 29% of mobile phone owners describe their mobile phone as “something they can’t imagine living without”.
  4. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 82% of the Australian population use the Internet and three out of four Internet users have shopped online. Perhaps not surprisingly, more women than men shop online!
  5. In Australia people carry an ‘average’ of 2.6 devices. Which means quite a lot of people are carrying three devices at any time!

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