I’m sure we all agree – setting resolutions and goals is easy. Achieving them is a whole other story! So we put the call out to the very clever Milligram community and asked them to share their tips for how to achieve 2015 goals and resolutions. We had over 30 great submissions – we’ve whittled these down to the Top 20 tips below. We hope you find some inspiration to help you achieve your goals (and if you’d like some tools to assist, Milligram have the handy MiGoals books, a wide variety of To Do lists and lots of great 2015 diaries!)

1. Be Adaptable and Flexible. Each year will bring its own set of surprises, some positive, others challenging. These can often interrupt your plans. That’s simply part of life. So be ready to adapt to new situations and be flexible with what’s happening. Goals are achieved step by step in our daily lives and can easily change with what’s happening. My tip is to keep the real purpose of the new years resolution in view and work towards that rather than holding on too tightly to an initial idea.

Kathryn Clayton

2. Start with a Growth Mindset (Dweck), Make the goal a mastery/ learning goal (get better) rather than a performance goal (be good). Next step is to work out the strategies – deliberate practice – celebrate the fabulous struggles you have on the way as then you know you learning and milk ever setback moment as a learning step.

Susan Mackie

3. List goals but also schedule them in your MiGoals book Break them down into smaller achievable tasks and do them. Reprioritise if needed and ask for help. Don’t forget about your goals too, print them up all pretty and stick them on your fridge or make an image of them for electronic device (phone, tablet, computer, etc) wallpaper so you see them every day!

Rochelle Bull 

4. Take one day at a time….concentrate on that day, that hour. Soon the hours, days & months will add up to a new you.

Ken Mersman 

5. Make a list of goals. Break them down. Every week put some of the items on your to do list. Allocate time for them & get them done. After a month reassess what you’ve done. And note, if you hate working on your goal, you may have to rethink it.

Ruth Boerger Weinekoetter 

6. Have long term goals broken into smaller steps or ‘milestones’ that can be celebrated on the way to the ultimate target. Tell your goals to a few key people that are supportive and who will provide you with motivation along the way.

Tracey Atkinson 

7. If my goal relates to house work (as is usually the case) I blackmail myself.

“Hey! Sarah! Do you think it’s fair for tomorrow’s Sarah to wake up to a dirty sink? How do you think she’d feel? I think Sarah is a really nice girl, & I bet she would feel terrible if YOU gave her all of your work.

The same goes with spending money too “what if tomorrow’s Sarah needs this money and you’ve spent it already? Not nice at all!”

Louise Chaptez

8. Write your goals in black pen on yellow/bright paper & stick up in a place you will see every day!

Rachel Blazé

9. Make your goals simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (I.e. Make your goals SMART!)

Lauren Gatt

10. The best thing I’ve found to reaching my goals is to realise how to break bad habits and form new (good) ones. I recently read the book ‘the power of habit’ and I was shocked and surprised by what I found.. that my brain goes into “auto pilot” mode to save brainpower.. and thus my best laid plans are spoiled! Now that I realise how my brain works, I can use this information to my advantage.

Louise Chaptez

11. Break your goal down into ‘bite-size’ pieces so you can tick it off bit-by-bit which helps make it more achievable.

Sara Tui Beks

12. Break your goals down into action steps that are measurable and visible and then ask someone to act as your “accountability buddy”.

Anita Tang

13. Think about how you want to FEEL and how you want your life to look and set goals that work towards that. Also write them down so you see them often and can constantly take steps towards achieving them!

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

14. Set “approach goals”, not “avoidance goals”. Find a way to make your goals something that you’re pulled towards rather than something you want to avoid or stop doing. For example: “Eat more fruit and vegetables” rather than “Stop eating chocolate”.

Ellen Jackson

15. Focus on what you have achieved and what you have the power to do to bring your goals into fruition. Always look for the positive.

Natacha Brochard

16. I type mine out with a typewriter and on nice paper in order to make a ritual of it, frame them, and hang them where I can see them.

Justyn Rebecca Denney Strother

17. Definitely write them out and use present tense, as if you have already met that goal. I keep mine in my diary and read it every single day. Become fixated on it.

Susan Gravina

18. Journal daily progress – the good and the bad.

Aileen Le Breton Hogan

19. Write down just one goal. Once completed, write a new one and continue throughout the year…and don’t forget to write down your accomplishments!

Natasha Gyte

20. Write a list of things you’d like to achieve (on beautiful stationery of course, then you can’t throw it away!). Order your goals in a realistic order of importance, and treat yourself when you tick a goal off the list!

Alysha Holder 

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