If you’re at your desk, you’re there for a reason. Perhaps it’s study, perhaps it’s work, perhaps it’s writing your novel. So you want to achieve maximum productivity — and inspiration — so here are some  tips to help you organise your desk.

Make a list of what desk or office supplies you’ll need

Organisation is often about having the right tools to hand — before you need them. So make a list of all the items you’ll need to best organise your desk.

This could include: notebook, notepad, diary, pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, file holder, desk tidy, magazine file, pen holder, tray… you get the idea! You can then start with a vision of what you’re going to be doing and a look you’re trying to achieve.

papier tigre notepad

cool desk scissors

Deep clean your desk before you organise your desk (and don’t be afraid to throw things away!)

Before you shop for, or add your new supplies, conduct a deep clean of your current desk. Empty out drawers — even the bottom one that you never look in! Throw out papers and sundry you don’t need.

Clean the drawers. Place key stationery items in the top drawer, so they’re within easy reach. If you’re not sure what to do with an item and don’t know if you’ll ever use it — recycle, donate or throw away. Don’t just stick it back in the drawer!

Shop for the supplies you’ve identified you’ll need

Whether online, or in store, aim to grab all the items you need at the same time — unless there’s something special you want to conduct a deep search for. You can shop for stationery items at Milligram (of course!) but also consider if you need a new desk or chair too.

Ensure you’ll be keeping loose papers to a minimum

Even when you are largely paperless, you’ll still have some papers. And they can quickly overwhelm you and your space. So whether it’s folders, a filing cabinet or a magazine holder, ensure you have a place for papers that you’ll need to refer to.

And be brutal with everything else — put it into recycling as soon as you no longer need it. Hint: If you have to keep moving papers, or you can’t see your desktop, you need to take action!


Commit to an organisational system

You will be for organised if you plan to use a set organisational system. Perhaps it’s a traditional diary, perhaps it’s a daily ‘to do’ or goals list, perhaps it’s bullet journalling. Whichever you choose, ensure the tools are immediately accessible on your desk. leuchtturm bullet journal

migoals desk pad daily actions

Styled Desks

We’ve styled two desks to help you plan your own workspace — a place where you’ll feel inspired and ready to tackle your work or home studies.

The Creative Desk

A fresh year calls for a refreshed workspace. Encourage creative flair with fun accessories and splashes of colour.

creative desk creative desk

Shop items from this desk at Milligram.

The Minimalist Desk

minimalist desk

Nothing is more satisfying on the eye than seeing a clean monochrome desk setup. Accessorise your desk with splashes of silver for a sophisticated edge.

minimalist desk minimalist desk

Shop items from this desk at Milligram.

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