In early October 2014 Milligram launched an upgrade to our website. Many of the changes were in the “back end” of the site which you, as a Milligram customer, will never notice. However, we did make a few changes to the “front end” of the website – the side you see and use to shop with us.

We wanted to point out a few of these improvements and ensure you knew all that you could do with the new website, to make shopping for design stationery even easier.

1. More advanced filtering

With over 10,000 products in store on the Milligram website, sometimes it can be a challenge to find what you’re looking for. So we’ve improved the ways you can filter various categories of products. When you visit any category or sub-category, there’s a discreet FILTER PRODUCTS HERE+ option in red (highlighted below with the arrow). When you click on this FILTER+ the options you can search by become visible.

Milligram website


In the case of this Pens FILTER you can immediately see that you can filter products by all sorts of options, from pen tip to ink colour to brand. You can check one or more of these boxes to focus on what you’re searching for.

new milligram website


2. Wishlist products you love

You have always been able to add products to a wish list on Milligram.

wishlistWe’ve just changed this from being a button to a little LOVEHEART that appears below every product. When you click on this love heart you’ll be prompted to Log In to the site, so that we help you build your personalised wish list.

Once you’re logged in, you can add a note to the product…perhaps about who you’d like to buy this for you at some future time!



3. My Account

You can keep all your details easily up to date, plus track orders, wish lists and credits via the My Account section of Milligram. You can login when you visit the site by clicking on the LOG IN option at the top right of the screen. You can simply keep shopping or click My Account again to be taken into a summary page, with a menu allowing you to access all areas.

You’ll immediately see, for example, how close you are to achieving Friends of Life status, any items on your wish list, your default shipping and billing addresses and more. The purchase you are ‘up to’ will be circled in Friends for Life status area – so in the case below, it’s the 6th purchase.

my account

4. Shop in your local currency

Whilst Milligram is based in Australia, we have customers from around the world. So you can now shop in eight currencies, including US dollars, the Euro, the pound and more. You can change the currency via a small drop down at the top right of the screen.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.34.56 am


5. New in store products on home page

We add products almost every single day at So on the Milligram home page, we’ve added a row of ‘recently added’ products, so that you can instantly see the newest products that have been added to the Milligram website.

new in store

6. We recommend, related products and recently viewed

There are now three links below the product image on a product’s page.

milligram website

7. Continuous scroll and overall cleaner look and feel

On the previous version of the site, we were only able to show you 30 products to a new page. With the new site, the page will continue to load products as you scroll down the page – so it automatically creates a much longer page of products to display as you scroll, making browsing even easier.

To really showcase the fabulous stationery products we have in store, we’ve also streamlined our design. So it’s cleaner, less cluttered and easier on the eye!

Shop for fabulous stationery at