Everyone appreciates a homemade gift – but sometimes their presentation can let these gifts down a little. All that effort and they just aren’t as pretty as they should be…enter the wax seal to save the day!

An off-the-shelf – or better still, a custom seal – adds that finishing touch that shows this is a gift made with love and flourish.

wax seals tools

Materials for project

How to make

Step 1. Make your jam or relish and add to your jar. (There’s a great collection of recipes here.)

Step 2. Assemble all your materials. Then tie your string around your jar.

Step 3. Load your wax gun with the wax and wait for it to heat.

Step 4. Use the gun to press out your wax. Ensure you squeeze out enough wax to ensure a nice, deep impression. (One stick should give you 8-10 seals, depending on the size of your seal).

Step 5. Hold down the wax seal for 3-4 seconds. Then remove and voila – your seal is done. Allow it to thoroughly cool before handling.

wax seal




You might also find this video helpful, demonstrating both use of a wax gun and traditional wax.

wax seal example finished

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