With increasingly busy lives, most of us gravitate towards tools and methods that will help us feel more organised, more in control.

One such organisational method has been created by New York Art Director, Ryder Carroll. He’s essentially taken an empty notebook and turned it into a cross between a diary, a to-do list, a catalogue of important tasks and even a means of prioritisation. He calls it an ‘analogue note-taking system for a digital age’.

The best introduction to the bullet journal method is this great video.

You can read more about Bullet Journalling here.

Which notebook is best suited to the Bullet Journal Method?

Ryder uses the Moleskine Squared Notebook (Large) as the grid lends itself perfectly to the method.

But he points out other notebooks can also work. He says “The two main things to keep in mind are size and quality. If it’s too big you’ll never take it with you. If it’s too small it will be impractical. Be sure to get something that’s rugged enough to keep up with you.”

Moleskine squared

Leuchtturn 1917 grid

Rollbahn notebook