Washi tape – Japanese Masking Tape – seems to offer endless DIY and crafting potential. We have featured many on our #washiwednesday social media posts – but one we’ve been itching to try our hand at is washi tape frames. So we printed out a bunch of our #motivationalmonday quotes and gave it a go.

Materials for washi tape frames

  • Several types of co-ordinating washi tape (we have hundreds of styles of washi tape in stock at Milligram)
  • Printouts of inspirational quotes
  • Scissors & a rule


How to make washi tape frames

Step 1. Layout your prints & decide on order and which washi to use as which frame.

Step 2. Place a line of tape across the top of the first quote. You should do this on a table first to ensure it’s straight.

Step 3. Place first on the wall and tape each edge, leaving a square corner (cutting tape as you go).

washi tape frame

Step 4. Measure, place and tape subsequent frames, ensuring equal horizontal and vertical distances. Remember to stand back and check periodically to ensure straightness – washi tape is pretty forgiving, so you can just pull off and adjust.

Step 5. Stand back and admire your work!

Shop washi tape at Milligram

washi tape frame

washi tape frames